After 4 years of making, Japan’s premier Extreme Metallers, METAL SAFARI is finally releasing their long-awaited sophomore album.   Centered around award-winning future guitar heror HIRO (endorsed user of KRANK Amps and Caparison Guitars), emotional screaming beast INA, and young powerhouse drummer YAZU (endorsed user of Mapex Drums and Firce Cymbals), along with their big friend JUN on bass (also endorsed user of Caparison Guitars), they were “proud to be independent”, releasing demo recordings on the internet, shooting music videos on their own, and handing more than 20,000 demo CDs to the fans of national/international metal acts, all without any support from labels.     With the release of the debut album “Return To My Blood” in May 2006, METAL SAFARI gained more and more public attentions, resulting in an appearance at the biggest Rock Festival in Taiwan, “FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2006”. The momentum continued, and METAL SAFARI went out on a 6-date headlining Asian tour in 2007, playing in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, where they headlined “MODERN SKY FESTIVAL 2007”. The popular demands also brought them to Europe, where they participated in 12-date tour throughout Poland alongside of such acts as VIRGIN SNATCH, THY DISEASE, and MAHAVATAR. METAL SAFARI earned their place in the history of Japanese metal as the first-ever extreme metal band played in the mainland China, and also as the first metal band ever toured in Poland (after visual-kei rockers DIR EN GREY). These are ALL done independently, without any support from labels.   Domestically, METAL SAFARI participated twice in “Ju-Ongaku-Sai” (Heavy Music Fest), the biggest festival of Japanese metal/hardcore bands, first as one of the main stage acts and then as the headliner. METAL SAFARI also supported THY WILL BE DONE and CALIBAN on their Japan tours, and shared the stage with from LOUDNESS to EDGE OF SPIRIT, or to SUNS OWL and BLOOD STAIN CHILD. Not only did these activities put them at #7 of domestic independent bands of all genres, #1 of Metal bands, #1 of Hardcore bands, and #1 of Thrash bands in “Top Artist Chart” on MySpace.com, but METAL SAFARI became the most-awaited Japanese band to play at “LOUD PARK”, the biggest metal festival in Japan.   Now, with a new album “Prisoner” and a deal with SPIRITUAL BEAST, they are ready to take the world by storm!!   A short video trailer of the album can be seen here:     Two songs are currently available for streaming at AirPlayDirect where radio stations can also download them for airplay.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

October 22, 2010: Shinsaibashi Club Drop, Osaka, Japan
October 30, 2010: Shibuya Cyclone, Tokyo, Japan (one-man release party!)

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