NOMINON To Appear On Texas Metal Syndicate TV Tonight

Swedish death metal masters NOMINON will be broadcast on Texas Metal Syndicate TV tonight at 11:00 PM Central Standard Time. The show, which will feature footage from NOMINON’s recent North American tour, can be seen throughout the Houston, TX area on the following stations:

Comcast – CH-17 (or try CH-99)


Sudden Link – CH-98

Phonoscope – CH-75

AT&T U-Verse – CH-99

or on the internet through streaming video at

Expect nothing but brutality as one of Swedish death metal’s finest invades your living room this weekend. Tomorrow night’s show, which airs at 10:00 PM Central Standard Time, will feature BUTCHERED SAINT. Visit for details.

Chants Of Evil, Verses Of Death…. Spawn Of Obscurity…

The Death metal entity known as NOMINON formed back in 1993 by Juha Sulasalmi and Peter Nilsson. In the following years, several demo cassettes were released and the band became further known within the Swedish Underground. The first NOMINON show ever was when the guys played support to DISSECTION and DISMEMBER in late February 1996.

After the classic “Promo 1997” demo release, the band was contacted by the label X-TREME RDS. The band and the label worked out a deal and the following year, NOMINON recorded their debut album “Diabolical Bloodshed” at the well-known Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. The very same year, the band also performed their first gigs abroad, in Ludwigsburg and Rostock in Germany. The debut album was released late 1999 and more or less instantly negotiations proceeded with a major Death/Grind label, but everything went down the drain directly after the agreements were signed in 2001. During the following years, lots of turbulence and sickness tormented NOMINON and it took quite some time to stabilize things. The band continued to record demos by themselves. Even a mini-CD/mini-LP entitled “The True Face Of Death” was taped in 2003, and later on released by the true Greek freak Anastasis Valtsanis and his NUCLEAR WINTER RDS (MCD) and TPL RDS (12″ MLP).

2004 was the year when everything should change, even within the band. A new line-up, new record agreements with KONQUEROR RDS (CD version) and BLOOD HARVEST RDS (LP version) were signed, and the first full European tour took place during the autumn as support to the legendary UK Death Metal pioneers BENEDICTION. The German label NORTHERN SILENCE RDS released the three first NOMINON demo recordings on CD format, a cool thing for the fans. The band recorded their second album “Recremation” at NECROMORBUS STUDIO with co-producer Tore Stjerna in early 2005. The album was a severe success throughout the international underground upon its release in April of the same year. NOMINON performed at the awesome festival Fuck The Commerce in Luckau, Germany in May and later in the year, they went out on their second European tour, this time together with American icons VITAL REMAINS.

In Early 2006, the guys did their first promotional video, for the track “Hordes Of Flies” from the album “Recremation”. During the summer, the US labels DEATHGASM RDS/NECROHARMONIC PROD released the same album for the North and South America market. Another CD release worth mentioning is the “Remnants Of A Diabolical History”, a collection of old demos and rare recordings, that the Singapore label PULVERISED RDS unleashed the same year as well.

After years of decay, NOMINON were finally able to keep the continuation of recording albums…so, early 2007, the guys returned to Tore Stjerna’s lair NECROMORBUS STUDIO to record their third opus “TERRA NECROSIS”, a title that was suggested by original vocalist Peter Nilsson. For the release of “TERRA NECROSIS”, three different labels were involved: KONQUEROR RDS (CD version for EU and Asia), DEATHGASM RDS/IBEXMOON RDS (CD version for North & South America, Australia) and BLOOD HARVEST RDS took care of the LP vinyl version. Throughout the summer, NOMINON joined forces with fellow Swedes DEMONICAL in a Northern European tour together with headliners NUNSLAUGHTER. The year that followed, 2008, NOMINON made a successful headlining mini-tour of Denmark, Germany and Holland, with support coming from REMAINS. The Dutch label BADGER RDS released a Live 7″ EP entitled “Legioes Em Portugal” during these dates, containing live material recorded in Portugal back in 2005.

Another chapter of success was written in the summer of 2008, when NOMINON did a co-headlining tour together with Alabama snapperheads QUINTA ESSENTIA in North America. Assorted dates were played in support of the masters INCANTATION. The guys also managed to perform at the highly acclaimed festival CENTRAL ILLINOIS METALFEST in Urbana, IL. Gig #100 was nailed during the last show on the US tour, which was in Nashville, TN. The following autumn, DEATHGASM RDS re-released the long-since-deleted debut album “Diabolical Bloodshed”. NOMINON also made a long European tour during October ’08 with the Germans HOLY MOSES and the longtime UK friends of hostility BENEDICTION. 26 shows in four weeks, and the package managed to play in 14 countries, all in all.

In 2009, the guys dedicated more or less the whole year composing and making pre-production demos by themselves for the fourth NOMINON album. A mutual agreement was made between the band and the labels DEATHGASM RDS and BLOOD HARVEST RDS to take care of the release of the coming monster. The recording of this album finally took place in September ’09 at the now re-located NECROMORBUS STUDIO in Stockholm, Sweden, with producer Tore Stjerna. During the album recording, the guys had to call in help from vocalists such as Erik Sahlström and Johan “Barsk” Thornberg, since the singer Daniel Garptoft left the band prior to the recording. In anticipation of the fourth album, DEATHGASM RDS released a four track mini-CD entitled “Omen” during late November the same year.

The brand new and fourth NOMINON album entitled “Monumentomb” was released through DEATHGASM RECORDS in March 2010. Following its release, the guys will go out to play shows in USA as well as in Europe. A new dawn of destruction, damnation and chaos lies ahead… The funeral march goes on.


Juha Sulasalmi – Guitar & Grunts.

AntiChristian Strömblad – Guitar.

Perra Karlsson – Drums Ov Death.

Henke Skoog – Vokills.

Martin Petersson – Bass.



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