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The Gaff was really quiet tonight as the doors opened, considering the line up for tonight’s show it was very surprising to see a lack of people until the third band, which is a shame as the first two bands were great!

First band of the night were Diamanthian [8/10]

Diamanthian are Scott ‘The General’ Linton – Vocals & guitar, Kev ‘Troy’ Dixon – Lead Guitar, Andy ‘Hatchets and Hammers’ Campbell – Drums, Matt ‘The Fist’ Campbell – Bass.




These guys are fast paced death metal with strong influences from the likes of Vader, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel.


Playing to a nearly empty venue these guys are not put off, ploughing through their set as if playing to a packed venue. This band are tight and fluid throughout their set and could have easily played higher on the bill.



Second band of the night were Reaping Havoc [6.5/10]

Reaping Havoc are Nick C. Green: rhythm/lead guitars and lead vocals, Hadrien Hadife: rhythm/lead guitar and backing vocals, Gabriel J. Garcia: bass guitar and backing vocals, Jesel Gohil: drums and percussion and Shaz: keyboard.

These guys are a mix of melodic death and black metal all thrown into one.


These guys had a huge following as just before they came on stage Reaping Havoc T-Shirts could be seen all around the venue.

Great stage presence and well composed songs really made this band stand out, their last song being the best song of their set.


The third band of the night was Man Of Kin [6/10]



Man Of Kin are Jaz Oberon: Vocals, Aaron Waddingham: Guitar, Jon Coakley: Rhythm Guitar, Carl Stanley: Bass and Rob Halliday: Drums.


This band got a huge welcome from the crowd as they took to the stage, a hardcore style band that played well.

This band seemed to be a bit wrong for this bill seeing as its mainly death and black metal, they played well but just didn’t work for me on this bill.


The fourth band of the night were Beyond Terror Beyond Grace [7/10]

BTBG are Blake Simpson: Vocals, Scott Heldorf: Guitars, Alex Nicholson: Bass/Vocals and Steve Smith: Drums.

This band play a unique blend of Scandinavian influenced- grindcore, black metal, ambient and atmospheric death metal.

They really blew the crowd away with their great riffs and brilliant vocal arrangements, I found this a great band to watch as the had great enthusiasm and a great set.


The fifth band of the night were Gorod [7/10]

Gorod are Guillaume: Vocals, Mat: Guitar, Barby: Bass, Arnaud: Guitar and Sam: drums.

This band played a great death metal set, their catchy riffs and well composed songs really made them stand out.

The bass player has the be the best person to watch on stage as his enthusiasm really rubbed off on the crowd.


The final band of the night were Cattle Decapitation [7/10]


Cattle Decapitation are Travis Ryan: Vocals, Josh Elmore: Guitar, David  McGraw: Drums and Derek Engemann: Bass.

Hailing all the way from America, this band have brought their take on the death metal sound along way.


The crowd seem to be loving every minute of their set and so do the band.

I personally didn’t feel what the crowd felt with this band but they played well and really set the crowd on fire.


All in all a great night for the underground metal scene and great to see so many supporting it, Diamanthian for me were the band of the night for me a felt they should have been a lot higher on the bill, maybe next time?




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