Tragik – And We All Turn To Dust

And We All Turn To Dust
2009, Independent
Rating: 3/5

Slightly more mellow than his solo works, Phil Vincent (along with Dirk Philips and Damian D’Ercole)formed Tragik which they describe as a ‘Power Trio’. This is an accurate description but it is however slightly misleading. When you hear ‘Power Trio’ you may immediately begin to think of bands like Rush, ELP, Triumph….etc. While Tragik are a great band they are nowhere close to being on the same level of the aforementioned bands.

As a whole the album is quite listenable but unfortunately it is unmemorable. There is nothing new here that we haven’t heard a hundred times before. While you are listening to the album you cannot help but notice the Boston (band, not the city) influence on some of the songs. On “Black & White” they turn it up a small notch in order to make it a little more Hard Rock. The use of distorted guitar of “Black & White” is carried over to the intro of “Giving In” where a piano is added into the mix. It is the vocals on AND WE ALL TURN TO DUST that is it’s strong point. A really great singer.

Phil Vincent is a talented musician and gives us an enjoyable disc to listen to but unfortunately their influences are too easily identifiable. With any hope the next release will be a bit more unique and memorable as the talent is definitely there.