The Rolling Stones – Stones In Exile (DVD)

The Rolling Stones
Stones In Exile (DVD)
2010, Eagle Vision
Rating: 4.5/5

Finally after many years a documentary film is released about one of the greatest Rock n Roll albums of all time: EXILE ON MAIN ST. Over the years many rumors and stories have circulated about the recording of this album and the goings on around it all have added to the Stones legacy. For the first time ever the real story is told.

This music film sheds a new light on the infamous album and the events leading up to it’s release. Complete with interviews from the members themselves filmed just for this rockumentary. Hearing the stories first hand puts a perspective on the turbulent times that the album was made. Their exile from their home in England to avoid the taxman to their new home in the south of France, there were many highs and lows which are all on here. It is because of these events that EXILE ON MAIN ST came out like it did. If they recorded in a fancy studio while living in posh hotels it wouldn’t have come out as gritty, dirty and raw sounding as it did. 

This film puts a whole new perspective on the album and gives us fans a better appreciation of it. This is how an album documentary should be done.