Roy Orbison – The Final Concert

Roy Orbison
The Final Concert
2010, Eagle Records
Rating: 4/5

Recorded just 2 short days prior to the singer’s untimely death back in December of ’88.  This last concert performances showcases how great a talent the music industry lost that day. The people at Eagle Rock have issued this recording so fans could appreciate  just how great Roy really was.

Roy was mostly known within the Metal community as the guy that wrote “Oh, Pretty Woman) that Van Halen covered on their DIVER DOWN album. To the Rock world he was known for much, much more. Having recorded many memorable songs throughout his career his voice was one of the most easily recognizable ones out there. As soon as one of his songs came on the radio or TV you instantly knew who sang it. Hearing his final concert sort of puts a chill up your spine knowing that in 2 short days after walking off stage he’d be gone forever. At this show he sang flawlessly and so full of life. Listening to “Dream Baby”, “Oh, Pretty Woman” and “Mean Woman Blues” you realize how great he really was. He puts such emotion into the songs, he drew you into the song. For this concert he performed “Ooby Dooby” which was the first song he ever wrote which is kind of eerie as it is on his last recording.

Historical and intriguing is how one could describe THE FINAL CONCERT. Roy ended on a high note and this release proves it.