Phil Vincent – Controlled Insanity

Phil Vincent
Controlled Insanity
2009, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5

Melodic Hard Rock at it’s finest is the simplest and most effective way to describe Phil’s 12th album; CONTROLLED INSANITY. With a dozen albums released it is somewhat hard to comprehend why this critic has never heard of him before. 

Recorded entirely in ProTools it sounds pretty good and almost as if there was an entire band playing it. The majority of the music on the disc are well written Melodic Rock pieces that at times will make you think of Boston (The band, not the city). This comparison is especially true on the song “ Something Above You” which is one of the discs more memorable tracks. It has a slight edge to it making it a pure Rock track.

According to the press release this may be the last Phil Vincent release due to the current state of the music industry. Do yourself (and everyone) a favor and go out and buy this record and keep buying the music to support the artists you love to hear.