Jane’s Addiction – Live Voodoo (Blu-Ray)

Janes Addiction
Live Voodoo (Blu-Ray)
2010, Eagle Vision 
Rating: 3.5/5

Perry Farrell and Janes Addiction are captured here on Halloween night of last year. This live concert features the classic line-up of Farrell joined by Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and Eric Avery. It is no wonder that the setlist for the night relies heavily on the first couple of releases.

Visually stunning this live Blu-Ray is one to own if you are a fan. The picture quality is excellent especially for a live concert setting. Audio-wise it is a decent mix with nothing drowning out the other or getting buried behind something. Allot of care and time was put into making this event a keeper. It is also a good starting point if you are just getting into the band as it gives a nice overview of the band. Both Farrell and Navarro capture the spotlight and give the audience their money’s worth, especially Farrell. 

A must own for even the casual fan of the band and a nice place to start for the rest of us.