Evans Blue – s/t

Evans Blue
2010, EMI
Rating: 3.5/5

Another one of this year’s surprises. A fairly new band onto the music scene that is enjoyable to listen to. In a world of sheep and lack of identity the majority of the music we hear on the radio all sounds the same and it’s hard to decipher one band from the next. When another comes along that injects a little something different into the pool you cannot help but notice it.

Evans Blue are not totally unique when it comes to the music they perform but they do inject a bit of life into the stagnant radio industry without upsetting the pile too much. Evans Blue armed with new singer Dan Chandler take the good aspects of current modern rock and make them listenable. 

Evans Blue is your basic modern rock just without all the whining vocals and stereotypical chord changes. A refreshing kick in the ass for the genre