PRIMAL FEAR Vocalist Ralf Scheepers Further Comments on Guitarist Henny Wolter’s Departure


Earlier today, Henny Wolter elaborated to on why he quit Primal Fear. His posting can be read here. After this became public, we were contacted by Ralf Scheepers with a further explanation on what went down. His comments are below:

“It is pretty unfair to complain about a 2 man enterprise although he has been invited to join the company. He didn’t do it though due to the lack of having the balls to take the financial risk. All in all it was only a matter of earning money for Henny in the end anyway, that’s why his statement about PF not being a band anymore is simply the biggest joke on earth! We have even canceled shows because one guy -> “Henny” didn’t want to do them as of getting less fee as usual. Not to mention that the 2 man enterprise wouldn’t have received any money at all for those shows.

Stop telling lies and shame on you Henny!

With best regards,
Ralf Scheepers”



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