Primal Fear comment on Henny Wolter’s departure

Ralf live with PRIMAL FEAR in Toronto, Canada (May 24, 2010)
Ralf live with PRIMAL FEAR in Toronto, Canada (May 24, 2010)

As posted earlier, guitarist Henny Wolter has quit both PRIMAL FEAR and SINNER. He commented: “It just didn’t feel like a band anymore. I am looking forward to work with my buddies Klaus (Sperling – ex-Primal Fear) and Oimel (Larcher – vocals) in my new band NITROGODS. It’s a mean little three-piece and we are working on the debut album which should be released in early 2011.”

Primal Fear have commented on Wolter’s departure: “The split happened seven weeks ago. There was no reason for us to make a sensational headline or bad mouth each other. We feel sorry about this, but we have no more comments on the situation.

At the moment we’re rehearsing for the forthcoming European Tour that kicks off on Saturday in Warsaw, Poland and takes us through nine European countries. Be sure, we are well prepared and definitely ready to hit the road with five very common faces on stage, looking forward to meet you all. The band is thrilled to play a different new set-list incl. Some nice surprises and we will start working on a new studio album right after the tour ….. and as a friend on Facebook commented – yes it is the two headed guitar monster.

We wish Henny, his wife and kids all the best for the future and good luck on his forthcoming musical projects.”



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