Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

In the second of nine installments, bassist/vocalist Grutle Kjellson and rhythm guitarist/songwriter Ivar Bjørnson of the progressive/psychedelic Norwegian black metal band ENSLAVED offer commentary on the songs that will appear on the band’s new album Axioma Ethica Odini, which is scheduled for release in Europe on September 27th and in North America on September 28th.

Grutle on “Raidho”:

“A signature Ivar-song.  Full of cool riffs, both straight forward and a little bit weird, too!  A bit complex, still a very enjoyable song to arrange vocals on.  This was the first song me and Herbrand [Larsen, keyboard player and clean vocalist] did the vocal arrangements for on Axioma Ethica Odini and one of the first we recorded (I remember ‘Giants’ being the very first).  This song turned out to be one of the most brutal songs on the album, and probably the one containing the most harsh vocals.  Love this one, and am really looking forward to playing it live.”

Ivar on “Raidho”:

“’Raidho’ is a song where the song title and the song itself are very closely linked.  The title itself is the name of a rune that translated to travel, vehicle and so on.  My ambition was to make a song that would convey the feeling of travel; try to depict a ‘moving wheel’ through riffing.  It turned out that quite a lot of ENSLAVED’s music had this feeling.  If that is a coincidence or not sounds too much like quack-speculation, but I do come from a family of travelers, sailors, and even whalers (‘ey, don’t go Greenpeace on me now!).  Perhaps this ‘nomadic’ feeling is our connection to Motörhead… one of Metal’s hardest touring bands?  Anyways, when I separated the rhythmic guitar voice (there’s one ‘straight-ahead-guitar’ with the chords, and one ‘drone’ with a rhythmic pattern) and had the drums follow that, I discovered we had what I would almost call a Motörhead-part – which turned out to be the middle-section.  I am not a fan of ‘explaining’ lyrics as it limits the reader’s potential for exploration and self-reflection. This one, however, is quite easy to decipher on the surface at least – then again, there are so many ways to travel…”

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Fans interested in creating an official entry for ENSLAVED’s video contest for the track “Ethica Odini” can obtain details hereContest ends Thursday, September 30th.

Nuclear Blast USA’s Webshop is now taking pre-orders for ENSLAVED’s exclusive North American Axioma Ethica Odini pre-order bundle, which includes the new album plus an ENSLAVED t-shirt for $20.00.

ENSLAVED will embark on a 7-show “Circling Above and Within Tour” of Europe beginning October 15th and will return to North America in November as the direct support act for DIMMU BORGIR.  All upcoming tour dates are available here.

View the four-part in-studio video series of ENSLAVED members answering fan questions on the making of Axioma Ethica Odini on the band’s official YouTube channel.

View Metal Hammer’s video interview here where Ivar Bjørnson & Grutle Kjellson shed some insight on the new album artwork by Norwegian artist Truls Espedal.

Visit ENSLAVED online at www.ENSLAVED.no, www.myspace.com/ENSLAVED, www.facebook.com/ENSLAVED, www.youtube.com/enslavedofficial, and twitter.com/ENSLAVEDBAND.



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