KAIZEN – New Guitarist

French metal band KAIZEN is glad to announce the official recruitment of a new guitarist, called Clément Delam. He succeeds to Julien Maurel who left the band in November 2009 to pursue other projects.

Clément is working hard with us since last May. Durind this period, we took our time to determine if it could work together. It does. We already know him pretty well for years. You will see him for the first time on stage with Kaizen, December, 4th in Lyon at the Sounds like hell festival. It’s been awhile we’re working in the shadow, but we did not lose our time, writing and pre-producing arond 80 demos. We need to sort out in this vast collection, change parts, re-arrange… We think it’s going to be a bit surprising, we hope so. We also decided to redesign a little bit our myspace page to coincide with the arrival of Clément. Please be indulgent, we’re not professional css coder.




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