DAWN OF ASHES premiere full stream of new album ‘Genocide Chapters’

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – September 07, 2010 – Metal Blade Records has teamed up with premier horror site Bloody Disgusting to exclusively stream the extreme horror metal act DAWN OF ASHES’ new album, titled Genocide Chapters, in its entirety starting today! Be sure to head over to BLOODYDISGUSTING.com, a leader in the online horror community delivering sought after content such as horror movie reviews, trailers, interviews, news, and now music content, to check out the new album Genocide Chapters before it even hits stores and be sure to leave a comment. If you like what you hear head over to the band’s landing page and pre-order the album while there is still time to take advantage of the discounted prices. Genocide Chapters is available by itself or bundled with a t-shirt (two designs available!) and can now also be pre-ordered on iTunes.

Genocide Chapters track listing is as follows:

1. Conjuration of the Maskim’s Black Blood

2. Nyarlathotep’s Children of the Void

3. Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon

4. Transformation within Fictional Mutation

5. The Ancient Draining Room

6. Reanimation of the Dark Ages

7. London’s Anthem for the Pleasure of Mutilation

8. Sacrilegious Reflection

9. God-Like Demon

10. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space

11. Epilogue-Beginning of the End

About the band:

Deep from within the bowels of the earth an unholy quartet rises, hell-bent on bringing the metal masses a new form of dark, heavy and demonically devastating music sure to strike fear into the hearts of the bravest of men and bring the weakest to their knee. Kristof Bathory, Volkar Kael, Bahemoth and Othuum, four vile forms that control a new era in which nightmares become reality and the sounds of the macabre merge to form a catastrophic symphony, have summoned forth the sounds and visions of horror, hatred and suffering that is spewed forth in the name of chaos to create the extreme horror metal attack that has come to be known as DAWN OF ASHES – a name created to reflect upon the birth of death and failure, that which was once only an unspoken nightmare, but now is an unstoppable plague come to corrupt the flesh of man…

Since DAWN OF ASHES arrival in 2001, the band’s goal has been to dominate the music scene with a sonic force so vile and evil the listener will be both entranced and terrorized by the sheer ferocity the band delivers. DAWN OF ASHES does so by conjuring new sights and sounds into the world of extreme melodic-death metal, an ambitious feat that will have to be experienced to be believed when Genocide Chapters is unleashed on September 14th, 2010 with a major tour in support of the album coming in the fall.

This horrific act entered the studio in the winter of 2010 to record their Metal Blade debut with producer Fred Archambault, known for his work with Avenged Sevenfold, Death By Stereo, Eighteen Visions, and many more. Handling the cover art for Genocide Chapters is Machine-Room (My Dying Bride).

It’s time for a new chapter in metal to DAWN, so prepare yourself for total aural annihilation as the ASHES will never rest upon the weak, and our evil will never die…


Kristof Bathory (horrid screams / keyboards)

Volkar Kael (guitar)

Othuum (bass guitar)

Bahemoth (keyboards)






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