TUSKA OPEN AIR 2010 Festival

Tuska 2010: SUNDAY


Cannibal Corpse have always had a true and loyal fanatical following for years. Their visit to Tuska had been waited for long enough. The five piece gore death metallers kicked their set off with a  mauling death metal onslaught. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s massive neck muscles are needed when his hair is spun around like a propeller to the point where you’d think he might lift off! The band smashed hammer to face of all Finnish deathheads and made them suffer under the red hot sun.

Scalding Hail

Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains

The Wretched Spawn

Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead

Stripped, Raped and Strangled

Hammer Smashed Face

Priests of Sodom

I Will Kill You

Sentenced to Burn

Make Them Suffer

Devoured by Vermin

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When Cannibal Corpse finished their set, another killer death metal act got on the second stage on the other side of the festival area. The whole tent and the surrounding area was totally packed. Judging by the success of Nile, the band could have played on the main stage, but that would have ruined the brutal atmosphere. Nile proved to be one hell of a brutal and tight live band. Karl Sanders’ combo delivered a brutal gig containing the material from the old days and of course off THOSE WHOM THE GODS DETEST.

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Blackie Lawless and his crew have been annual visitors in Finland for a long time and this year was no exception. The band have been almost constantly on tour since the release of their brilliant BABYLON  album from November 2009…and so they should be hen there is clearly lots of demand for W.A.S.P.  here in Europe. Despite the hotter than hell weather going on, there was such a massive crowd following the bands performance. It’s a funny fact that W.A.S.P. seem to reach fans from all areas of metal. While the majority of the front row was wearing typical W.A.S.P. or KISS t-shirts there were also guys and girls wearing their Deicide, Dimmu Borgir or Rotting Christ, etc stuff. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the band still can sell out shows every time they come over here?

W.A.S.P. kicked their set with "On Your Knees" and "The Real Me". It did seem that years have shed some extra pounds for Blackie but he was still the definite commander on stage with his distinctive, ripping vocals and strong stage charisma. W.A.S.P. is and has always been Blackie’s show but it can also be said that although there have been several names that have passed through the bands ranks over the years, this current one may be the best touring line-up of W.A.S.P. have ever had to date. Hats off to bassist Mike Duda, guitarist Doug Blair and drummer Mike Dupke for being such a tight and energetic band behind the man in black. The setlist list was mainly the usual stuff that we have heard from them for the last ten years. The classics "L.O.V.E Machine", "Wild Child" and "I Wanna Be Somebody" formed a strong root which was then assaulted with the medley of "Hellion" and "Inside The Electric Circus", the excellent "Chainsaw Charlie", an acoustic version of "The Idol", and the only new album track "Babylon’s Burning". Overall this was a good performance but it was also more or less just a routine gig for the band. Nothing new there, nor any surprises on the setlist. If you have seen W.A.S.P. before you have probably seen better performances than this one.



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The mighty Megadeth returned to Finland after a two year break. As always there’s been lots of goings on in the Megadeth camp since their last visit here. Megadeth’s best album in years, ENDGAME, was released in 2009 and what’s even more important is that the original bassist David Ellefson has finally returned after an eight year hiatus. The band has just recently finished the “Big Four” (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax) tour in Europe which was extremely successful. They played in front of over 700 00 people on that tour. This was also the very first time when Mustaine and Metallica shared the same stage in a VERY long time. Hopefully it means that they have now finally buried the old hatchet which has been there since Mustaine’s demise from the group

As said before, Megadeth was headlining TUSKA and they were now the very last performer here. It was surprising that although Megadeth was easily the biggest name on this year’s line up, the festival area wasn’t full. It was perhaps 3/4 full but there was plenty of space there. Perhaps Sunday (and two festival days already) wasn’t the perfect timing for this performance particularly when the show time was already at 07:00 PM. Megadeth was on time and after a brief intro “Wake Up Dead”  opened the game. At first there were some problems with PA but it soon got fixed and the sound got better all the time. The SO FAR, SO GOOD… SO WHAT classic “In My Darkest Hour” got a good response and things got even better when the band next headed into the new album track “Headcrusher”.  So far nothing from RUST IN PEACE (it’s the 20th Anniversary of that album) but after “Skin O’ My Teeth” they played altogether six tracks from RUST IN PEACE. It was really great and exiting to hear songs like: “Five Magic’s”, “Poison Was the Cure” and “Dawn Patrol”. As expected, the rest of the set was a kind of mix of the best known tracks like: “Symphony of Destruction”, “Peace Sells”, “Trust” and “A Tout Le Monde”. They only played one track from ENDGAME and completely ignored newer albums SYSTEM HAS FAILED and UNITED ABOMINATIONS aroused some astonishment but in a way that’s understandable. There’s simply no time to play a three hour show, right?

Although Mustaine is one of the top guitar players out there, he’s never been the most active frontman in heavy metal history. It must be mentioned that his sometimes really performing apathetic style is not the most entertaining thing to follow on stage. There’s hardly any communication between him and the crowd and at times he did look really tired there but fortunately his playing and singing went well throughout the set. Maybe it was little too early for Mustaine but the rest of the band was literally on fire. Chris Broderick is like a completely different guy when compared to just two years ago. Chris, who was then shy and focused on his playing, was now running across the stage and headbanging his hair like old stager but still his playing was close to perfect all the time. It seems that Mustaine made the right decision when he hired Chris in the band. Dave Ellefson did a great performance as well. He was clearly enjoying his time on stage and it seemed like he has never been away. Load’s of energy and good playing – what more you can ask from bass player in Megadeth? Drummer Shawn Drover was also the man in his right place. Perhaps he’s staying more in the background but he’s definitely the driving force behind the whole band and he puts out great performances every time. All in all this was a good but clearly just a routine gig for Megadeth. The audience got what it came for and the band seemed to enjoy their time on stage. Hopefully this line up will last and we can soon witness the band again in some good indoor venue, like in Old Ice Hall in Helsinki?

Wake Up Dead

In My Darkest Hour


Skin O’ My Teeth

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Hangar 18

Five Magics

Poison Was the Cure

Tornado of Souls

Dawn Patrol


Angry Again

A Tout Le Monde

Sweating Bullets

Symphony Of Destruction

Peace Sells

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