TUSKA OPEN AIR 2010 Festival

Tuska 2010: SATURDAY


Peter Tägtgren’s other band, Hypocrisy, visited the FME (Finnish Metal Expo) event in February as did Satyricon, so it was quite a simple way of guessing which bands will be seen at Tuska. Judging by that, Hypocrisy was definitely one of the more anticipated acts at Tuska. However, the band pulled an  intense set doing a large scale of songs from the past to the present day. Hypocrisy’s stage manners and performance followed the guaranteed Hypocrisy philosophy. Peter Tägtgren handled both the lower and brutal signing whereas others kept banging their heads.

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Kirk Windstein has been more than busy with Down during the past years and Crowbar has been more or less on hold. Therefore, it was about to bring Crowbar on the road when even EyeHateGod got activated again. It took about 16 years to get Crowbar back to Finland. Being on the tent stage was the right choice to create the ultimate heavy sounding atmosphere. The sounds were utterly great. Crowbar’s twisted groove and southern sludge elements appealing to several of the sludge fans following the band’s performance. Even though the line-up has undergone radical changes, Kirk Windstein is a real crowbar as a frontman.  


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After the Ziltoid saga had been preformed on Friday, it was about time to check out the solo material of Townsend in a separate gig. How did the show differ from the Friday gig? – well different clothes and no Ziltoid and a focus on his solo material. He truly knows how to entertain the audience with the funny ways of twisting his face and communicating with the audience with the obvious sense of humour. As this was the last gig of the whole tour, all kinds of unexpected or arranged things happened. His crew came on the stage to wait for the end of the gig. Devin got his pants off and played “Life” pant-less but the boxers on. As for the set in general, the songs had been picked up from OCEAN MACHINE etc. Devin Townsend should consider coming back for some club gigs as his success is overwhelming!

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Survivors Zero could be called an all star band as it contains the guts of Finntroll, Scourger, DeathChain, etc.  The band crushed and smashed on the stage. The five piece truly sounded well trained and vicious. Of course, that can be expected from Survivors Zero whose members have been involved in these other bands. Both the vocalist and bassist handled the communication and growling. The band hammered the audience by doing plenty of songs off CMXCIX album and the mandatory Kreator cover song “People of the Lie”.  Frankly it is kind of weird that these so called scene veterans can put so much intensity into the music and performance as well, whereas many younger kids cannot reach the same brutality on the stage…why?


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Tuska doesn’t just rely on the the brutal approach as Florida’s progressive power metallers Kamelot was definitely a welcomed addition. Kamelot have increased their success and gained a really good following and fanbase. Besides, Kamelot has visited Finland countless times. The set consisted of the a lot of material from THE GHOST OPERA album and even a new song from the forthcoming Kamelot album. The band handled the gig with obvious professionalism. As for Roy Khan’s performance, seriously the man usually spends 80% of the gig singing in the crouch position…even though his vocals sounded great.

Rule the World

Ghost Opera

The Haunting

Center of the Universe

new song(?)

When the Lights Are Down

The Human Stain



March of Mephisto


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Overkill made their debut visit to Finland by playing at Jalometalli up in Oulu. The five piece thrash metal veterans showed no sign of slowing down. The gig at Tuska indeed proved the facts right, Overkill is a dangerous thrashing well tuned machine. Blitz is absolutely a killer frontman and has nothing, but tremendous energy and a well trained body. The NY thrash veterans offered a real ironbound set to the Tuska crowd. The set offered an old school vibe from beginning to end. For obvious reasons there were some new songs and of course older material. When the legendary songs "Fuck You/Overkill" had been played Blitz thanked everyone and dived into the audience!

The Green And Black

Rotten To The Core

Wrecking Crew

Hello From The Gutter




In Union We Stand


Fuck You/Overkill/Fuck You

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Originally Mastodon had been booked to headline the second day of Tuska but there were forced to cancel because of health issues with one of the band’s members. In the last minute, Nevermore came in to replace the headliner slot. Even though the band is highly praised, Nevermore’s job as a headliner on Saturday didn’t for some reason work out in the best way. In the beginning the vocalist Warrel Dane looked quite absent. Dane just walked all around on the stage and just focused on signing.

Song by song he started finding the clue of the whole thing and started being more active. Nevermore have been witnessed several times for example in Germany and Sweden where Dane has appeared more thrilled and more activate on the stage than at Tuska. The song material was strong for sure. Several Nevermore classics were played and of ocurse the new material. The new session guitarist Attila Voros shred on his role. we hope to see Nevermore in Finland again soon!

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