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Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Guitarist Leo Curley and bassist Bob Horvath originally jammed together in a band called Eyesore before adding drummer Gregory Nash to form Addicted To Pain, who would later convene with famed producer Alex Perialas (Anthrax, Testament, Pro-Pain, S.O.D.) to record the debut self-titled four sing EP. Bassist Bob Horvath recently took the time to talk metal with and fill us in on what’s next for this crushingly loud trio of Pain.

How are you doing today Bob?

Good thanks.

Addicted To Pain has just released your debut self-titled EP. Let’s talk a little bit about how you guys formed. I know you and Leo met in a band called Eyesore and quickly became songwriting partners. Would you care to elaborate on that and discuss how the two of you were introduced to Greg Nash?

Yes, Leo and I met in Eyesore. Jason Bittner (Shaows Fall) called me up to replace the bass player who had left the band. After we all split for really no reason other then bad timing, then Leo called me up to start a band. Our friendship and partnership started there. Ten years later we were looking for a new drummer again and Leo’s friend wanted to sing and he brought over Greg. The singer lasted one practice but Greg was undeniably the best drummer we have ever played with. He’s also a great person which is the biggest part of having a band!

How big is the metal scene metal scene where you live in Albany, New York? Was there a lot of like minded musicians to jam with before you and Leo found Greg? Did you know a lot of other bands to book shows with after you found Greg?

The hardcore scene is big here in Albany, always has been, being close to New York city. But the Metal scene is good. There are very few bands compared to the punk scene and hardcore, saying that we all play gigs together so you get the best of both worlds.  There are tons of great players here. Greg has a lot of hook-ups because he is a professional drummer and is hired for all genres of music, so he has good relationships with clubs.

Tell me about working with Alex Perialas  (Anthrax, Testament, Pro-Pain, S.O.D.) the legendary thrash metal producer on the new EP. What was that experience like working in the studio with a true heavy metal General? Were you nervous at all?

Nervous? Ya! I would say so… You know he is the mad scientist of metal. Alex brought out the best in us and has forever changed our thought process on making music.

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Were you at all familiar with the previous credits to Alex’ name? What is your favorite record (excluding your own) that he has produced in the past?

Of course I knew his name even when I was a kid. He produced many of my all-time favorite records that I still have today. I was going to bring my M.O.D record to the studio and have him sign it, but I was too nervous! In December when we go back and record the full length, maybe I will. He did Testament "The Legacy" and I got the stories behind it all, I am privileged!

It’s been previously stated that you guys really pushed yourselves as a band working in the studio with Alex on the EP recording. What did you find to be most challenging about recording the self titled debut EP with Alex?

Doing my best of course, he made me play bass parts over and over again. "More energy Bob!" (Laughs) I always played bass with my fingers my whole life, but this time, in this band I chose to play with a pick. So, after fucking up so much with the pick he said and I quote "Only pussy’s play with a pick!" so I threw the pick at him!

I understand that Addicted To Pain originally had twelve songs ready to go, yet only four were released on the self titled EP. What are the current plans for the remaining eight songs?

I am sure some of them will be on the new record.

How would you describe the musical direction on those other eight songs? Are they very much in line musically with the four songs on your EP release?

There is a variety of different styles in all the songs. Some punkish hardcore riffs, swing beats and a lot of songs more directed to rock. We write what we feel… not what we need to write.

According to your bio, you picked both "Trust Me" and "Abigail" as being personal favorite songs of yours from the EP release. What are the enduring qualities about these songs that lead them to become personal favorites of yours?

"Trust Me" was a riff I had on bass for about a year always waiting for the right moment to put it on a song, but most of all I love the parts that explode like it does going into the chorus parts. It’s like an orgasm. "Abigail" is dark and has a massive breakdown with some crazy ass lyrics. It’s doom and black, thats what I visualize.

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Addicted To Pain’s sound has been described as first wave eighties thrash. Do you agree with that sentiment and if so, what did you find most influential about that period of time in metal music?

I think it does, that music has always been part of my playing and when you’re compared to eighties metal, well great!  We never new where we fit in the scene, but there’s definitely a lot of hardcore and punk influence, and straight up prog influence. At the time I was growing up and the thrash scene started, I personally had a place where I could escape from the world and let my anger out and be able to be myself and not a fake.

Were you in a band or playing bass yet during that initial first wave of thrash metal? What initially inspired you to become a bass guitarist? Who were your favorite metal bands growing up?

Cliff burton, Nikki Sixx… I was in bands with my high school friends. A great cover band playing all the thrash!

MegaForce Records were certainly a major force in the early days of thrash metal. What were the events that lead to MegaForce Records releasing your debut EP? Do you plan to work with MegaForce on a full length album as well?

We needed a marketing firm and our lawyer sent out ten of our demo’s and MegaForce liked it and called us for a meeting. We shit our pants and the rest is history!

How has working with MegaForce been in terms of promotion? Have Addicted To Pain been afforded a budget to film a music video for a song taken from the EP prior to hitting the road this fall?

Promo has been great there. As of right now, were thinking about a video. Maybe soon you’ll see our ugly faces (Laughs)!

A fall tour from Addicted To Pain is presently looming in the works. What are the cities/markets you anticipate you’ll be hitting on this trek?

All Southern states to start, then California to Arizona to Florida. Two weeks in Texas and more…

Any idea who will be joining you on this tour? Will you be part of a package tour with three or four other groups?

Until I get the "Ok" from MegaForce it’s a secret, but I will tell you it’s a good line up! It’s gonna be a great show, with two other bands and the headliner is smoking! Check our website for tour updates at

Ideally, who would be the bands you’d most like to eventually tour with?

Tool always gives upcoming bands a chance, so that would be great, and they’re my favorite band!

Addicted To Pain’s EP is available in both hard copy CD format as well as i-Tunes. What is your take on the rise on digital downloads vs. hard copy? Some artists feel like this is the future of album sales, where as others prefer the more traditional experience of holding the lyric book and skimming through the cover art and liner notes. What’s your take on that and how has the EP done so far on i-Tunes?

I buy the CD’s at a store. I like the artwork and you know the whole fuckin’ package! I buy songs on i-Tunes also, the digital age will overcome the CD’s and only a few of us will pretty much collect the albums or CD’s.

What are some future goals for yourselves that you’d like to aspire towards in Addicted To Pain?

Recording the full length! I am so itchy to start it’s not even funny, especially now because we have been writing and recording riffs and drum parts. All the things we need to start the process. Our goal is to get on the road and show the world who we are and hear our message!

What should people expect next from you guys?

A naked photo of us on the Time Square Jumbo-Tron!

Thanks for taking the time to talk metal Bob. Before we wrap this up do you have any last words for your fans reading at home?

Go to the stores and get the CD. or i-Tunes and go to or There’s a reason for our name! There are no apologies. Fuck them!