STIGMA announces digital-only EP, to shoot video for “The Undertaker”

Italian horror-inspired extreme metal act STIGMA will shoot a video for the song “The Undertaker” with director Salvatore Perrone (A DAY TO REMEMBER, EVERGREEN TERRACE, SUICIDE SILENCE) to coincide with the release of a special-edition digital-only EP this Winter via PIVOTAL ROCKORDINGS. The band recently wrapped up a successful European tour supporting TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED.

STIGMA’s Concerto for the Undead was produced at Fear Studio by ex-BLEEDING THROUGH and current BRING ME THE HORIZON guitarist Jona Weinhofen and was mixed & mastered by Scott Atkins (BEHEMOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH, SYLOSIS).

This sophomore effort was released on April 30th in Europe, May 3rd in the UK, May 4th in North America, May 7th in Australia/New Zealand and June 30th in Japan.

The album features lyrics centered on the cult-classic comic book series Tales From the Crypt and includes guest vocal appearances by Jamie Hope (ex-THE RED SHORE) and Jon Hunt (ex-DEAD TO FALL).

Artwork for the album features stunning comic illustrations of the band’s now-patent horror-themed lyrics and was created by Andrea Berton of Corefolio Design (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WINDS OF PLAGUE).

Dallas Coyle (ex-GOD FORBID), Marco Eronen (RAISED FIST) and Alex Wade (WHITECHAPEL) have each commented on STIGMA’s Concerto for the Undead:

“This isn’t deathcore, metalcore or CORE anything. It’s ALL metal! Stigma are melodic and heavy while balancing it with the technical. This is the sound described as STIGMA! I hope they come to the States soon so I can support in person!” Dallas Coyle (ex-God Forbid)

“This album is fuckin amazing! It’s like a brutal assault on your soul while you´re beggin for mercy.” Marco Eronen (Raised Fist)

“Stigma’s new release “Concerto for the Undead” is a ferocious delivery of  melodic metalcore and swedish influenced death metal.  Fans of As Blood Runs Black, The Black Dahlia Murder, and As I Lay Dying are sure to love the epic guitar riffs and technical while pummeling drum work of this record.  This album is a breath of fresh air and creativity in the metal scene and I’m definitely interested to see where this release takes them!” Alex Wade (Whitechapel)

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