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In a recent interview with, BLIND GUARDIAN guitarist Marcus Siepen elaborated on the band’s use of a live orchestra on their new album, At The Edge Of Time, which was released in North America on August 24th:

“The big difference on this album is that for the first time in our career, we worked with a real orchestra.  Any orchestration on any previous album has always been done with keyboards. This time we had ninety people playing, which was a giant step for us and added a big element to the album’s sound; a programmed orchestra can sound very good, but nothing beats the real thing. This did bring up some problems for us because when we compose the stuff, we are still using keyboards to arrange for strings, horns, or whatever.  When you work with a real orchestra, you can’t go up to them with some programmed stuff and say, ‘This is what we would like.’  Obviously you have to give them written music and none of us can really do that – turn keyboards into a multi-arrangement for a real orchestra. We had to rely on the help of people who could write down our ideas for a real orchestra so they could play it. Everything worked perfectly in the end, in my opinion.  It’s such a huge a difference from the keyboards.  One of the goals that we wanted to reach with this album was to give it a natural sound.  Nothing sounds more natural than an orchestra. The drums, too, were taken under consideration, because a lot of bands use samples on drums to enhance their sound, but you hear on this album is a naturally recorded drum set with no samples. That was really important for us to have that type of sound on this album and we are really happy with it.”

Read the entire interview with Marcus Siepen here.

View the studio trailer that contains orchestra footage and commentary by vocalist Hansi Kürsch and guitarist André Olbrich here.

The video for the single “A Voice In The Dark” – directed by Ivan Colic and produced by Stanimir “Staca” Lukic – can be viewed here.

Download the free BLIND GUARDIAN iPhone / iTouch app from this link.

Visit BLIND GUARDIAN online at, and



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