AYAT issue studio update, reveal new album title

Lebanon’s infamous AYAT – whose 2008 MORIBUND-released album, Six Years of Dormant Hatred, strictly polarized critics as either “genius” or “garbage” but forcing an opinion out of everyone – reveal that they’re currently recording their follow-up MORIBUND album, tentatively titled Carry On Carrion. As vocalist Filthy Fuck explains, “So I walked. And the 67 viral winds of the East whistled in my hollow bones, particles of disease sticking on the edges. And William died on me, too. A fever runs through my blood like rivers to the sea. Six years of dormant hatred lay in pieces behind me and thousands of dead motherfuckers are walking around the thousand-times-dead fucking mother-city. And the dead exceed the living and will look after them in their own special way. And there was but one phrase on my tongue like a snake rolled on a shaft – ‘Carry on, carrion… Carry on…’.”

The track listing to Carry On Carrion has already been decided by the band, but AYAT wish it to remain secret until release. Additionally, they promise that the new album shall be longer than 60 minutes and should be finished next month, with a late winter or early spring release through MORIBUND likely. When pressed for further details, Filthy Fuck simply shrugged and said, “Nothing but the fact that it will be longer, more insane, more vicious, and will shy Six Years… to a battered pulp. Not only by force, mind you, but also by sheer acidic caustic erosion. And we’re Lebanese. In case some guy missed it.”

Select press blurbs regarding AYAT’s Six Years of Dormant Hatred are as follows:

With an OTT approach reminiscent of JUDAS PRIEST alongside a good old sense of MAYHEM, the album is invested with a pestilent, rune-cursed allure not unlike IMPALED NAZARENE at their most dangerous” – Zero Tolerance

You can take the battle/war metal foisted upon the masses by bands who live in countries that haven’t seen the devastation war can bring in centuries, fold them into a nice little square and shove ’em up your keister, for all Ayat is concerned…shredding perceptions of what a metal band in the Middle East should ‘be’” – Metal Maniacs

An infectious yet caustic black metal album…drifts back and forth between bludgeoning black ‘n’ roll, blast-‘til-we’re-dead black metal ditties, and the hit-or-miss mesmerizing drone riffs. The fact that they combine these three very different styles together seamlessly and with some of the best samples ever immeasurably ups the ante for Six Years’ sheer sonic menace” – MetalReview.com [9.2/10 rating]

In just under an hour, Ayat wreaks more havoc than a bus full of suicide bombers with psychotically nuclear-blasting, sado-sonic tunes…ultimately AYAT defines their own sound” – Blabbermouth.net [8.5/10 rating]

It sounds berzerk and fierce unlike any band that I can think of. Ayat take elements from so many influences in and out of metal and punk that they’ve conceived something that is one of the most original metal releases I’ve heard in the better part of a decade” – Gravemusic.com [9.1/10 rating]

The Middle East’s answer to MINISTRY?” – Metal-Archives.com

The whole effort comes across as more than a little deranged and wide eyed with psychotic instability that’s ready to strap on a bomb and march right into your skull and blow it to bits” – TeethofheDivine.com

The power, passion and feeling I felt as this played gave me goosebumps” – Metalcore Fanzine

Ayat are literally taking their lives into their hands by releasing such blasphemy and billing themselves as the first anti-Islamic black metal band. Such zeal gives great weight and legitimacy to Ayat’s form of black metal, perhaps even more so than the original Norwegian scene…just absolutely drips with power” – Live4Metal.com

Imagine ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and THE BOREDOMS working with MAYHEM and BEHERIT” – Absolute Zero Media webzine

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