All Shall Perish Guitarist Francesco Artusato Post New Instructional Video Lesson On Guitar World’s Website; Post New Track On MySpace

All Shall Perish’s new guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate, Francesco Artusato, has partnered up with Guitar World Magazine to present an in-depth instructional video lesson series breaking down how to play some of the most intricate parts from his all instrumental solo endeavor entitled Chaos and The Primordial. The disc is an all out technical shred fest features 10 truly diverse tracks that takes the listener on an all encompassing musical journey and the depth and diversity in which Artusato does so is astonishing. Click on the link below to watch the second lesson now and stay tuned for additional episodes over the coming weeks.
Artusato states: “I just got back from the ‘Summer Slaughter’ tour, which was amazing. What a great collection of great and talented bands. I want to thank all All Shall Perish fans for being so amazing and supportive, you rule! Now it’s time to go to Europe for the ‘Hell On Earth’ tour.

“My second lesson on Guitar World has also just been posted, so go check it out. Its two examples from the song “Typhoeus” and I explain the intro solo and the chorus section. This is probably one of my favorite songs from my new solo album, Chaos and The Primordial, mainly because of its contrasting nature and the intricacy of some of the parts. It’s also very heavy.

“You can also listen to the song, “Chaos and The Primordial,” in its entirety on my MySpace page now. It’s a very technical and intense song that has a progressive vibe with some very open and lyrical parts mixed with very powerful moments of intensity and complexity. There is also going to be a lesson on Guitar World about this song very soon.

“Thanks again to Guitar World for hosting these lessons, and stay tuned for additional episodes over the coming weeks.”



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