RATTLEHEAD Unleashes New Album; Post In-Depth Tour Report and Video

It’s time to do the Toxic Waltz as Los Angeles thrash titans RATTLEHEAD unleashes a new modern day, speed metal trashterpiece, Tales From The Gutter. The self-financed, independently released disc is available now on iTunes at  itunes.apple.com/album/tales-from-the-gutter/id383244612, so be sure to head over now to purchase. You can also check out the vicious new track, “Just Stay Down,” now on their MySpace page.

RATTLEHEAD has teamed up with Decibel Magazine to present an exclusive video documenting some touring antics and stellar performance from their hometown show at The Whisky in LA earlier this summer. Click on the link below to check it out now.


Nick Baranov (vocals, guitars) states: “Hey guys, we just got back from the road a few days ago, and one thing is for sure – this was one hell of a road trip! From the belligerent hundreds of people in cities like Boise, Chicago, and Worcester, to the never-ending bar tabs, house parties, and all sorts of trouble we’ve caused in the past 35 days. We hope everyone that came out to see us had as much fun as us, because we definitely won’t forget the ‘Thrashed and Detoured 2010 Tour’ (if we can even remember some parts, that is!).

“We hope everyone has been keeping in touch via our Rattlehead YouTube channel and our Tour Blog Updates, and if you haven’t – go check em out now! We tried to catch as much awesome footage as possible, but you can imagine how tough that might be, when you’re haulin ass on a DIY nationwide tour with sometimes as many as 10 shows in a row without rest. Nevertheless, we will keep compiling footage of us and our friends and fans on the road, in the many amazing cities and stops we hit this summer.

“Special thanks go out to our good friends HexeN, who joined us on this incredible journey! Also thanks to all the great promoters and booking agents who helped make this tour possible, all the local bands in the dozens of cities around the country who stick to their guns and thrash like maniacs. Thanks to local law enforcements for somehow letting us get away with the most ridiculous shit, as well as any liquor bottling or beer brewing company, for forcing us to do the most ridiculous shit. I guess in the end, it makes for a good story! Next time we’re in your neck of the woods – the drinks are on us.

“Stay tuned, as we get ready to get out on the road as soon as possible. Be sure to stay tuned to our MySpace, Facebook and Twitter for updates, and join the party! We shall see you soon.”

For this brand new, 10 track studio effort, RATTLEHEAD teamed up with renowned producer John Ugarte with assistant production help from their good friend Sam Totman of DragonForce (Roadrunner Records). The guitars are razor sharp and precise, but still manage to sound full within the mix. The crisp and clear drums with a thundering underlying bass line fill the atmosphere. They focused heavily on the vocal aspects of the album, experimenting with new techniques, ultimately ending up with what is by far their best vocal performance on record to date. As a final touch, the album features incredible solo guitar work by lead guitarist Francis Ausley, as well as a guest solo by Jeff Potts of Mantic Ritual (Nuclear Blast Records).

RATTLEHEAD are influenced by classic acts such as Testament, Slayer, Metallica and Exodus but focus more on adding unique, fresh aspects, more melodic passages and sing along choruses. This style will quickly set them clearly apart from the rest of today’s “new wave of thrash metal” and open up a wide array of audiences worldwide.



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