Züül’s Out of Time – Trad-Metal Album of the Year

Züül - Out of Time
Züül - Out of Time

How can we be so bold? Because we love this album, that’s why! Out of Time by Carbondale, IL’s Züül will renew your faith in the power of traditional heavy metal. Great riffs, killer solos, melodic twin leads, and catchy choruses collectively define every single one of these nine tracks. Taking influence from a variety of classic acts, such as TYGERS OF PAN TANG, VIRTUE, RIOT, and BLITZKRIEG, yet without sounding exactly like any one of them, Züül write the highest quality heavy metal and Out of Time is all the proof you’ll need.

“There are no frills, gimmicks or trends to be heard on Out of Time – it’s a raw clump of coal housing an unpolished gem deep within, and it’s damn near flawless. Züül’s Out of Time will be a worthy competitor for album of the year.” – Teeth of the Divine

“Out of Time is a fitting tribute to…the best period of heavy metal history, hands down. It’s classic, simple metal that catches both your attention and the brilliance of that wonderful period.Züül is the band to watch!” – Metal Psalter

“Out of Time bulls forward, mixing the likes of Diamond Head or Angel Witch with punk. This music needs to be meant, and Züül more than mean it. They tear it from their guts and hurl it with bravado, snot, and piss.” – Invisible Oranges

“An album that takes us to the golden age of Heavy Metal and that will delight fans of such music.” – Queens of Steel

“Zuul is pure fast metal in the mold of early Maiden and especially Tygers of Pan Tang, with a little bit of Diamondhead and Thin Lizzy at their hardest thrown in. Great driving metal tunes with LOUD guitars coming at you from everywhere!” – Wormwood Chronicles



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