Satanized & Ancient Malus – Infernal Desecration [Split] Out

Folk Black Metal band Satanized from Istanbul and the Black Metal band Ancient Malus from USA have released a split together.Infernal Desecration is the Album name and  SET Productions from Egypt is the label. Two songs from Satanized and two songs from Ancient Malus are in the album. The album cover is designed by Pınar Tuncer. Limited CDs have been published by SET Productions and ready for online ordering.

Satanized & Ancient Malus – Infernal Desecration [Split – 2010]

Satanized :
1 – Infernal Torment    03:27
2 –  Terror Prophecies  07:00
Ancient Malus :
3 – Unyieding Warth      03:49

4 –  Malefic of Perverse  05:14

SET Productions :

SET Productions Myspace :

Satanized :

Ancient Malus :

Albüm covers :



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