MOON – “Lucifer’s Horns” out in September!

After reissues of first two albums by MooN that saw the light of day this spring under one title “Devil’s Return” it’s high time to present new, third album by this unique band – entitled “Lucifer’s Horns”. It’s definitely the highest achievement of Cezer since the release of cult “Moonlight” by Christ Agony. Fierce yet dark and atmospheric black/death metal – this is the essence of Moon at the end of first decade of XXI century. Two songs from this album are sung in Polish, the others in English. “Lucifer’s Horns” will be released on 15th September by Witching Hour Productions. Cover artwork and design was created by Black Team Media.

MooN, led by Cezar (Christ Agony) started recording third album “Lucifer’s Horns” on February 20th in Sinquest Studio in Lublin. Recording and engineering duties were handled by Arek „Malta” Malczewski well known for his cooperation  with Behemoth. Malta together with Cezar produced the album. MooN leader comments:

„I’m extremely excited with the fact then after 10 years of non-existence, I managed to create such solid piece of Metal. I’ve been waiting for all these years for comfortable situation and people with whom I could create my specific Plan. It’s also thanks to them that this album took its final form… First time in its history Moon is not only a project band… and never before this entity was so strong! “Lucifer’s Horns” is the new direction but still the following of once chosen path. I’m sure that not only Lucifer itself will be satisfied with this album, but his ‘lunar’ children as well…”

„Lucifer’s Horns” will be available as limited digipack in the shape of inverted cross and 12” black and white gatefold LP limited to 500 units and numbered. You can already check the title track “Lucifer’s Horns” at and

Tracklist :

MOON –„Lucifer`s Horns”

1.Summoning of Natan
2.Lucifer’s Horns
3.Torches Begin to Burn
4.Confined in Heaven
5.Zwiastowanie Ognia
6.The Book of Fire
7.Night of the Serpent
8.The Semen of Ye Old One
9.Czarny Horyzont
10.Summoning of Demons
*11.Daemons Heart (tylko na wersji CD )

Current MooN line-up:
Cezar – gitara, wokal
Gonthy – gitara
Mścisław – bas, wokal
Vizun – perkusja



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