Sauna Open Air – Tampere Finland

Sauna Open Air 2010: Friday 11.06

The second day started off earlier than the previous day, with the gates open at 2pm. It was clear that there wouldn’t be a lot of people at that time, after all not everybody is on vacation at the beginning of June. Since Ratt had to cancel their gig here in SOA (and the whole European tour), the organizers made some changes to the schedule getting the local band Parasite City to open up the day, moving Glamour of the Kill to the Main Stage at 15 and placing Tarot at 18.30. Both of the first bands, Paradise City and Glamour of the Kill, didn’t quite managed to get the most of the audience interested. Still with not many people inside the festival area, Whitechapel got on the Park Stage with a small amount of fans who were either headbanging or in the mosh pit during the songs. The band sounded extremely loud and tight, I bet they got some new fans after this gig. They ended with ”A New Era of Corruption” and the smallest wall of death I’ve ever seen in any gig.  



Back to the Main Stage it was the time for the Bay Area thrashers Death Angel to display another energetic and powerful gig. From the start with ”Lord of Hate” to ”Stop” and ”Thrown to the Wolves” the band was on fire and even though it started to rain, the fans didn’t care. The charismatic frontman Mark Osegueda dedicated their phenomenal ”Kill As One” to the late and great Ronnie James Dio. The last song on the set was a brand new from the upcoming album ”Relentless Retribution”: ”River of Rapture” which sounded killer. Mark said that Death Angel would come back still this year to Finland during the winter, the fans sure hope that happens. Now with an even more stronger rain pouring down, August Burns Red played in the Park Stage and had a tough time to get people to watch them. A lot of people either started to find shelter from the rain and some stayed near the Main Stage waiting for Tarot.


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Tarot seems to gather more fans every year and they seem to be in a good moment promoting the new ”Gravity of Light”. Although the gig itself wasn’t anything impressive, most fans sang along with the band during ”Satan Is Dead”, ”I Walk Forever” and others.

Another band that is in a good moment is Anvil, which played next in the Park Stage. Even though I personally thought that Anvil should have been in the Main Stage, it was actually better that they played in the Park Stage. The sound was great (actually during the entire festival the sound on both stages was great) and there was a closeness between the band and the fans. The trio started with the instrumental ”March of Crabs”, sounding tight and heavy. The set included classics like ”666”, ”School Love”, ”Winged Assassins” and the only one from the latest album, ”This is Thirteen”. The whole band was in excelent form, playing like they were a new band ready to impress everybody and Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow was all the time joking around and talking to the fans. During ”Mothra”, ‘Lips’ played guitar for a while with a golden dildo, getting a lot of laughs and cheers from the audience. Before playing ”Thumb Hang”, Lips dedicated the song to Dio, also saying that Black Sabbath is probably the most important band in heavy metal and that Dio was the best vocalist. Lips said that this song, which was actually an old song that was recently recorded, was inspired by Black Sabbath. On the next one, another instrumental, ”White Rhino”, Robb Reiner showed a lot skills in his short, but precise solo. Then came another classic, ”Forged in Fire” and Lips thanked everybody for making his dreams come true, it was really heartfelt and showed how humble and down to earth the Anvil guys are. This truly was the best gig during the whole festival.




I don’t where it started, but at some point in the afternoon the bands started to play a bit later than they were suppose to be. So it was expected that the last band of the day, Danzig, would come a bit late. But for some reason the gig started at 21 (30 min. late!), so the fans would get a shorter set, around 60 min. Danzig played a good mix of songs from his solo career, like ”Twist of Cain”, ”Hammer of the Gods”, ”How the Gods Kill”, ”Tired of Being Alive”, ”On a Wicked Night” and others. Among the band members, some people noticed that former Type O Negative drummer  Johnny Kelly was behind the drum kit. During the middle of the gig, a roadie informed Danzig that they had to stop playing at 22, Danzig repeated what he heard and said he would play longer than that. It was then close to 22 and they played the song that probably every fan wanted to hear the most: ”Mother”. They thanked everybody, left the stage and most people started to move out…then they came to do another one, ”Long Way Back From Hell”. It was certainly a disappointment to a lot of fans and festival goers alike.




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