MAGNUS reveals cover artwork and tracklist of their new album “Acceptance Of Death” – first in 15 years!

Magnus - 2010
Magnus - 2010

One of the most important and influential bands in Poland, legend of extreme underground scene, will release its new album “Acceptance Of Death” on September 15th via Witching Hour Productions

MAGNUS signed a contract with Witching Hour Productions for releasing 2 studio albums and reissues of all recordings from the 90s.

First outcome of this cooperation will be “Acceptance Of Death” which includes 13 new songs or raw and brutal oldschool death/black metal:

1.False God
6.To Understand Death
7.Private Religion
8.Nothing More
9.When You Rest 6 Feet Under
10.They’ll Bury
11.Mournful Song
12.Just Like Life
13.There’s No Use Lamenting
The album was recorded in three different places: Tower Studio, DSP Studio and ATK Studio. Mixing and mastering duties were handled by Marcin Bors in Fonoplastykon Studio.

MAGNUS “Acceptance Of Death”
MAGNUS “Acceptance Of Death”

Creators of “Scarlet Slaughterer”, “I Was Watching My Death” and “Alcoholic Suicide” return after 13 years since their last stage appearance – but their new effort will assure everyone that they are here stronger than ever. You can already listen to first song opening “Acceptance Of Death” entitled “False God” at and “Acceptance Of Death” will hit the stores on September 15th as 10-panel exclusive digipack and 12” picture LP (hand-numbered and limited to 500 units)

Comments Rob Bandit (band leader and singer):

“We’ve been summoning ourselves for this ceremony for almost 16 years. Our mind were clean, free from responsibilities, and deadlines. In such favorable constellation – we created an album untouched by any dependencies, fast, heavy, furious and hideous – set of traits typical for Magnus. Every song on “Acceptance Of Death” is an impulse, deathly rasp of brain cells, destination, contempt, stigmatizing indifference, metal mobilization – and uncontaminated with any commercial thought.

“Acceptance Of Death” is the same Magnus you know from previous albums as it was recorded mostly by the same people who created “I Was Watching My Death” or “Alcoholic Suicide”, friends who understand each other, who follow the same path, who are bound with 20 years of friendship. However, since those early releases the earth revolved thousands of times – which had an impact on our paranormal minds – so expect Magnus of XXI century, reborn Magnus that is still uncompromising, honest and true”.

Songs’ structures, specific sound and atmosphere that reminds of such acts as SARCOFAGO and early SEPULTURA give us the impression of time being stopped in that decade. MAGNUS is the living legend and the proof of old school glory – you will have the chance to check it on your own on 15th September, when “Acceptance Of Death” will hit the stores – 40 minutes of uncompromising attack in vein of fierce Brazilian and Columbian acts.

Magnus, who started it’s career in 1987, recorded three incredible albums in the 90s, and played live with such acts as Napalm Death, Deicide, Gorefest, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. The band disbanded in 1997 to return with new album in 2010.



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