Pivotal Management’s SOLUTION .45 (AFM Records) New Album Out Now

Pivotal Management's SOLUTION .45 (AFM Records) New Album Out Now
SOLUTION .45 New Album Out Now

“For Aeons Past”, the debut album from the Swedish/Finnish progressive metal “supergroup” SOLUTION .45 — which features in its ranks former SCAR SYMMETRY vocalist Christian Älvestam and Jani Stefanovic (MISERATION, ESSENCE OF SORROW) — was released in North America on May 11. The CD, which was issued in Europe on April 9 via AFM Records, was recorded at Panic Room studios in with producer Tomas “Plec” Johansson and was made available in Japan through Marquee/Avalon. The album features lyrics written entirely by Mikael Stanne of DARK TRANQUILLITY. The cover artwork was created by Pär Olofsson.
“For Aeons Past” track listing:

01. The Close Beyond

02. Gravitational Lensing

03. Through Night-Kingdomed Gates

04. For Aeons Past

05. Lethean Tears

06. Bladed Vaults

07. Wirethrone

08. On Embered Fields Adust

09. Into Shadow

10. Clandestinity Now

The song “Gravitational Lensing” is available for free download at MetalInjection.net. It can also be streamed below.

Solution .45 MySpace: www.myspace.com/solution45



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