THRALL set North American release date for debut album

Today, MORIBUND RECORDS announces the North American release date of THRALL’s debut album, Away From the Haunts of Men, as November 9th, 2010. Originally released overseas earlier this year by Total Holocaust Records, the North American edition of THRALL’s Away From the Haunts of Men will include an exclusive bonus video for the track “Torrent of Death,” which can be viewed in the meantime here:

Comments the band, “THRALL are pleased to collaborate with the legendary MORIBUND CULT for the North American edition of our debut album, Away from the Haunts of Men. We strive to spread our contagious virulence to all mankind!” The band also details its aims here:


THRALL is a Tasmanian black metal/doom band. You may ask, why does this matter? The howling gales of Antarctica have ironically sheltered large tracts of Tasmania from human habituation to this day. Since European settlement in 1803, the island’s history has included the genocide of the Tasmanian aboriginals and cases of cannibalism among escaped convicts. THRALL is a product of this landscape, this history and no other.

“Homosapiens are a plague mindlessly consuming the last of the Earth’s resources; mass extinction/ecological cataclysm is upon us. THRALL’s music howls a pro-void mantra advocating the post-human era. THRALL is an embodiment of the contradiction of being inherently human yet anti-human.

THRALL fuse the mid-paced blastbeats of old-school black metal with lush vacuum-tube-soaked guitars. THRALL’s instrumentation is textured and diverse, from primal black metal songs to spacious doom epics and atmospheric soundscapes. Seemingly primitive music is partnered with high-end production values, whilst remaining bile-soaked and sincerely misanthropic.”

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