Manticora guitarists Martin Arendal and Kristian Larsen record guitar solos for Hexfire’s debut

Martin Arendal and Kristian Larsen of the Danish power metal band

Manticora have recently recorded storming guest guitar solos that will

appear on the debut album from Hexfire.

As previously reported, also Kasper Gram of Manticora laid down a

guest bass solo for one of the tracks from Hexfire forthcoming album

last week.

Jacob Liszko says: “First we got an excellent bass solo from Kasper of

Manticora, now we have storming guitar solos from Martin and Kristian!

If I were to describe them as guitarists, I would call them real

shredders! They’re so fast that it’s even hard to hear all the notes

they play, ha ha. Moreover, all the harmonic guitar tracks they record

are amazing. I’m really impressed.”

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