DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL – Leks Wood & Ricky Chapple


Interview with Leks Wood & Ricky Chapple

Interviewer: Ben Spencer

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

My first experience at The Old Blue Last was to interview post metal sextet DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL. In a lounge-like side room I am joined with drummer Leks Wood and guitarist Ricky Chapple.

Hey guys how are you doing today?

Ricky: Hot

Leks: Very hot, melting but very excited.

So tickets for tonight’s gig have sold out in a matter of hours how do you guys feel? Feeling psyched?

Ricky: Yeah, very bizarre

Leks: Yeah definitely it’s really good


You guys have always been a band that has stood out in terms of your style. How would you descibe yourselves to someone who had never heard of you?

Leks: Right I get asked this by my brother and my parents friends embarrassingly enough. They ask “How would you describe your band?” and every time I am like “……..” as its quite hard to pigeon hole. But it’s like extremely powerful, melodic but brutal.

Ricky: Heavy music but not your typical heavy music.

Have there been any

bands that you guys have drawn influences or inspiration from?

Leks: Ok personally for me I’ve been into bands like Mogwai and quite a broad range since we played with bands like This Will destroy you in London a couple of years ago anything of that style.

Ricky: But also the pretty heavy stuff like alot of Deftones, Will Haven, obviously Pantera and the classic stuff and even the more technical stuff like Dillenger Escape Plan a massive range of music really.

It’s been three years since the release of debut album ‘A fragile Hope’ when you guys were signed to Black Willow records. How has being signed to Century Media affected the band?

Leks: …Maybe given us a bit more confidence.

Ricky: Yeah definitely when a big label like ‘Century Media’ get behind you and say we like what you’re doing, it can only be positive and when it’s a label of that reputation in the industry it all good.

Leks: Especially the way it went down they came to see another band and saw us and were like “who the hell are these guys?” it was amazing to have them say that about us.

What can current Devil Sold His Soul fans expect from the new album?

Leks: Broadened horizons I guess….. There are still things that fans of A Fragile Hope will recognise and be able to relate to but I think there’s quite alot of experimentation within the writing stages so there will be quite a few of hopefully pleasant surprises to be found.

Ricky: It’s definitely Devil Sold His Soul! I suppose it’s an album of everything we have done up until now. But as Leks said its broadened horizons: more powerful, more epic and more beautiful in parts and to see what we can do in music and really push the boat out. So if you like the old stuff we reckon the new stuff is bigger and better. So hopefully you guys think so as well.

Do you feel that the past few years have made you guys stronger as a band and closer as friends?

Leks: Definitely, without a doubt I think it’s incredibly difficult not to be friends with them purely cause of the nature of the beast. Your spilling your heart out in front of everyone your performing to so obviously you’re going to be quite protective when someone says “ I am not too keen on that part” it’s that bond of working together. I’ve only been with the band for three years but it’s been awesome.

Ricky: We argue some of the time over little things but that’s only because we are passionate about everything, I mean it’s better to have an argument and have it open and out of the way otherwise all your frustrations are going to blow up. I mean we are really strong as a band and since Leks joined we got stronger and stronger.

Leks: Yeah we got one thing right (Laughs)

You guys have played with many different types of bands on previous tours, have there been any shows that have stood out for you guys?

Ricky: Cult of Luna definitely! In a way we kind of get lumped into, not in a bad way, but that area of music, Cult of Luna/ Isis/ Neurosis type stuff. It’s flattering but to us we don’t see it that way. It’s not our goal to be like them, not in a disrespectful kind of way but we try to do something that is unique…I mean if people perceive that way that’s totally cool but for us we see it a bit differently. But to play with bands like Cult of Luna was amazing, it’s great to see how they work and it’s inspiring.

Leks: It was quite interesting watching them play, we had like four or five tour dates with them but they kept themselves to themselves. It was interesting seeing them set up their stuff and literarily disappear. It was quite a different personality on stage but it was really….REALLY awe inspiring.

How do you guys feel about your upcoming tour of
Europe? You guys excited?

Ricky: Really excited it’s our first headline tour of Europe we played a couple of headline shows around France, Belgium and Netherlands. We are supporting Architects and Norma Jean on a UK tour before we head out and were playing at some big venues so another three to four weeks around Europe is going to be amazing. I mean we are not hugely well known in Europe so we have to convince bands to like us as they don’t know us that well. This is something that perhaps some bigger bands may take for granted when everyone knows their stuff and they don’t have to make an effort but we pride ourselves in making an effort and putting on a real show people are going to remember.

I’ve read recently that Edd feels 2010 is going to be a good year for you guys, where would you like to be a year from now?

Leks: Hmmm that’s a good one……. Well I could give you the generic bigger and better things but to put it into context we headlined download at the red bull stage this year which was an incredible experience. To even be asked to play the headline slot was like WOW in itself. So I am not really too sure… play more countries I guess.

Ricky: I mean Europe is the start and it’s also to do with how well the album goes down. If people want to see us in other countries we’ll try our hardest to get there. If we can manage to do that then we’ll be happy. I mean you can always aim for the very top but I think it’s better to set small goals and then work your way up as we got to where we are after six years of working hard so we don’t expect everything to happen in a flash. So more countries, more people.

Leks: As Ricky said new territory I’d love to hit Australia, the States and I would absolutely love to play in Japan that would be amazing!


Anything else you guys would like add?

Ricky: Go out and buy the album. (Laughs)

Leks: It’s available in all good record stores and we hope you enjoy it!


Thanks guys!

The guys leave & prepare for tonights show, which im looking forward to myself!

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