Swallowed – Swallowed 2010 (EP), Epitaph of Nauseation 2008 (demo) & Putrefaction 2007 (demo)

Reviewed: August 2010
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Swallowed is a 3-piece death metal act from Helsinki, Finland that has only been around since 2007 – and blessing the death metal community by 3 releases of theirs, full of old-school death metal sonic torment.

Since the ´old-school´ is the name of their putrefying game, count on my word that you can hardly expect any over-polished, modern or refined wankery feasts from the Swallowed´s body snatchers for gaining a mass acceptance among the majority of trendy metal fans – but just pure, brutal and dark old-school death metal to the very core, churned out the early 90s style when bands like Nihilist, Carnage, Abhorrence, Autopsy, Nihilist and the likes, came to rule the underground. This is what Swallowed is all about: The smell of old rotten corpses is still strongly present on all Swallowed´s 3 releases, and there´s simply no way one could escape from the backyard of an instant impact of fascination of their purulent stuff.

Without the slightest doubt, it´s a fair load reminiscent of both early Autopsy´s and Abhorrence´s stuff that comes through the songs of these young, murky looking Finns very effectively actually – especially on the band´s recently released 3-track 2010 EP. Their 2008 EPITAPH 3-track demo is yet again more about early Autopsy-influenced than anything else while the band´s debut demo PUTREFACTION from 2007, worships the disbanded Swedish death UG-gods Nihilist the best it can (no wonder why they chose to cover both bands for their releases).

Most of the time Swallowed counts firmly on slow-paced, doom-ish death metal, having also this certain darkened, sinister and revolting feel of crawling death involved all the time within their captivating old-school death metal. Swallowed has turned pages of the history books back to the late 80s / early 90s, adopted a very similar yet so familiar sound for themselves that once made bands like Entombed, Autopsy, Carnage, etc. such popular names of their own time. The guys do their own thing admittedly very well, even if aping other bands´ sound might not be the best possible compliment to do during the long run. For fans of 1st Scandinavian death metal movement and early Autopsy stuff, it´s more than an easy task to recommend Swallowed for all of you.


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Track Listing:
01. Unsavorably*
02. Black Phlegm*
03. Dying Misted in the Bloodstream*
04. Coffin Slumber**
05. Epitaph of Nauseation**
06. Horryfying Visions**
07. In the Grip of Winter**(-)
08. Legion of Decapitated***
09. Wisdom of Putrefying***
10. Carnal Leftovers***(+)

* taken from the SWALLOWED 2010 EP
** taken from the EPITAH OF NAUSEATION 2008 demo
*** taken from the PUTREFACTION 2007 demo

– Autopsy cover
+ Nihilist cover

Ville – Drums and vocals
Samu – Guitar
Mika – Bass