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Interview July 7th 2010

Interviewer: Ben Spencer

Photos: Altercarnated Photography


Subversion are an unsigned six piece experimental metal band hailing from the South East UK.

Subversion Members:

Spencer Haynes – Lead Vocals

Kai Giritli – Guitar/Vocals

Mong – Guitar

Rich Lawry-Johns – Bass Guitar

Charlie Barnes – Keys/VocalsStephen Cross – Drums

SUBVERSION are currently in the process of completing their debut album ‘Lest We Forget’ and we managed to meet up with the guys for an interview.



Hey guys how are you doing today?

Sean: Were fine.

Spencer: Yea alright.

Kai: We’re boring.

(All guys start cracking up)

Firstly, how did you guys form and how long you have been together in the band?

Chaz: We’ve been going longer than two years. Kai was the one who originated subversion with his friend Jay. The original line up was Ant, Chloe, Steve and Spencer. Chloe left to start a degree at University while Jay left due to work issues and Ant departed Subversion due to money problems. Sean joined and Marv was in the band for a brief period. Steve Cross became the new drummer.

Kai: The rude and late member of the band. (Interrupts with a hint of sarcasm)


Chaz: (continues) Steve Fowler left the band and was replaced by Richard was formerly in a band called ‘This Addiction’. This is the current line-up as it stands today.

Who are the main influences and inspirations behind your music?

(The band ponder over this question for some time before answering)

Kai: …..Mish mas of everything really.

Sean: Meshuggah, Threat signal, Textures

Spencer: Were going for elements of orchestral epic metal and Folk metal.


You guys have already released a debut single and are set to release an album, how has your single been received by your fan base?

Kai: Fucking awesome, people really like it! (Enthusiastically)

Sean: Everyone at our shows always requests ‘Treason’ our single we released.

Chaz: Shortly after the single was released it was played on X-fm and we had a demo review in Metal Hammer magazine.


On the subject of your album, it states on your MySpace that thematically revolves around ‘Angels and their perception of War., This is quite an interesting concept, how did it become tied in with your music?

Kai: Angles relate to fallen soldiers. Many bands write about different perspectives on War: some positive others negative but sometimes they need to be fought. Some of the themes we focus on are families dealing with the loss of relatives who served in the armed forces.

Spencer: We have a song that is also based on a Para Trooper.

Chaz: For us it is something we feel on a personal level. A certain band member has even considered joining the armed forces.

Kai: People can read into it in their own way and make their own interpretation.


Your website states that “Lest we forget” will feature of 11 tracks of “engrossing sound”. Do you guys feels confident within the records success?

Spencer: ….We can’t be sure of how well it will be received…yet.

Kai: We recognise that it may not lead to great success as it’s our first album release. The second album will probably be the one that will reveal the answer.

Chaz: Everything has gone into this album!

We already have ideas for the second one which will be equal, if not better than this one!


Do you guys prefer recording or playing shows?

Sean: (spends sometime thinking) Tough one, the majority of recording has been done by Kai in his bedroom.

Spencer: As a band playing live would be our preference

Chaz: The second album with a have greater contribution from everyone as a band member.


What has been the most memorable or significant show you guys have played to date?

Kai: When we played at ‘The Purple Turtle’ supporting ‘Viatrophe’, the drummer came up to us and said we were the best band they had played with on their tour and that we don’t sound like a generic metal band, that was a great compliment!


Are there currently any upcoming shows you guys are looking forward to playing?

Kai: Purple Turtle in October, the album release gig is one were currently looking forward to as it’s a bench mark in our bands career and it will be great to get the album out and celebrate with our fans!

Spencer: We are also playing a Mini metal festival in Wolverhampton which sounds promising.

(The rest of the band nod in accordance with both answers.)

If you guys could share a stage with any big bands on the Planet who would they be and why?

The band then go on to state a long list of band they’d like to play with…

Meshuggah, Threat signal, Pagans mind, Tesuract, Lamb of God and Fintroll, just to name a few…


Thanks Guys!


Check out the bands websites for more info:



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