Copenhell Festival 2010 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark



Day Two

A bit tired and broken I once again hopped on the train in order to get back to Copenhell Festival day two. The bands began to play at 15.30 and the bands that caught my interest was The Damned Things, Suicidal Tendencies and Behemoth. But to get to the area was easier said than done. There was no extra buses avaliable so I had to rely on the local traffic to get me there. The buses went once an hour and after having waiting for 20 minutes did one bus came but it was soon full so I had to wait for another hour to catch the next bus. Me and the rest of the people who didn’t made it on to the first bus was really frustrated. The weather was cloudy and windy and the rain came and went during the entire evening. My plans on seeing Mnemic was crashed because of the bus problems and when I finally got to the festival Dead By April were closing their show.




In wait of The Damned Things I walked around the area and enjoyed the festivals own beer brand called Copenhell Brew with an alcohol amount of 6.66% while I took a closer look at the festival-logo which was made by Joe Petagno who has drawn logo types for Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper and Motorhead. The beer was however only avaliable on the outer area of the festival because you weren’t aloud to take in any bottles or cans into the festival are where the stages was located. In the outer area was also the food tents and the merchandise stands. A meet and greet tent was also located there and the day before had 3 Inches of Blood, Danko Jones and Napalm Death there to meet and greet fans. Today was it only The Psyke Project that had meet and greet. It was strange that no other bands took time to meet and greet their fans this second day. It was hard to estimate how many people the festival had drawn but I heard numbers like 5-7000 people.

Well lets get back to the music. The first show for me this second day was The Damned Things which is a super group from America that includes Hurley and Trohman from Fall Out Boy, Buckley from Everytime I Die and Ian and Caggiano from Anthrax. I never heard the band before but I read that they’re about to release their debut album at the end of this year and according to their MySpace site is the bands music a combination of southern rock and hardrock. The show kicked off at 19.00 and of course wasn’t the weather at its best and the rain poured down.

The Damned Things

The band was introduced and the members are:

Keith Buckley – lead vocals

Scott Ian – guitar, vocals

Rob Caggiano – guitar

Joe Trohman – guitar

Andy Hurley – drums

Josh Newton – bass

Buckley thanked for the applause and said that We are The Damned Things from New York USA and we are here today to play some music for you. With those words the show kicked off with “Ironclast”. As you may have seen the band includes three guitarists however I couldn’t hear any difference between two and three guitarists so I don’t know why there are three of them. “Excellent Time” followed and as always Ian had trouble with standing still so he ran around across the stage and moved around during the entire gig. Also Buckley ran around like a maniac while the rest of the band stood still for most of the time. Buckley then introduced the band members and said that this show was their sixth live show and said that their first live show ever had taken place back home in New York at the beginning of the summer. He said that it now was time to play another song from their forthcoming new album and the song was called “Bad Blood”. Buckley kept on talking in between each song and after a while I thought we were well aware of what the band name was and where they came from.

The Damned Things_live_4.jpg

The Damned Things_live_3.jpg

The Damned Things_live_2.jpg

The Damned Things_live_1.jpg

It’s a bit misguiding to say that this was souther rock/hardrock music I’d rather label it as heavy rock mixed with metal however it was a bit hard to tell exactly because I never heard the band before. Buckley was a great frontman and an excellent singer for this kind of music and with a little more live experience with The Damned Things he is gonna be an amazing frontman. If you think that this band has any similarity with the music of Anthrax you’re completely wrong. Then followed songs like “A Great Reckoning” and “Handbook For The Recently Deceased”. Buckley asked us if we knew about a band called Quicksand, which everyone in the audience apparently had heard, and said that the next song was “Fazer”. The two last songs were “Grave Robber” and “We’ve Got A Situation Here” and Buckley said that he was glad to be in Denmark and hoped that they were gonna come back to Europe soon. After that the show was over and the band had only been on stage for 45 minutes.

The Damned Things_live_7.jpg

The Damned Things_live_5.jpg

The Damned Things_live_9.jpg

The Damned Things_live_8.jpg

I thought that the band sounded really promising and I’m looking forward to hearing their debut album. It’s maybe not the kind of music you’d expect to hear from Scott Ian but I guess it’s fun to do something outside the normal frames.



Excellent Time

Bad Blood

A Great Reckoning

Handbook For The Recently Deceased


Grave Robber

We’ve Got A Situation Here

The rain came and went and kept on dripping down and it was hard to find a shelter so it was only to accept the rain and wait for the next act to enter one of the two stages.


The band started off their show as scheduled and they seemed to be really happy to be on stage in Denmark. The band plays American Death metal and they do it with speed and anger. It looked like the band members were fairly young but they were really tight and it sounded really great. The singer said that their album A NEW ERA OF CORRUPTION was avaliable to buy and that they would be really glad if we bought it. Even though the amount of people looking at the band was small they did their best to support Whitechapel. The fans in front of the stage formed a circle pit to support the band and it looked like the band enjoyed that. I had never heard Whitechapel until this moment but I fell flat for their inspiring music and they really impressed me quite a lot. Well played death metal can’t go wrong. After 40 minutes was it time for me to head over to the big stage to see the old heroes in Suicidal Tendencies but I left the Whitechapel show with a smile.





A large amount of people had gathered in front of the bigger Helviti stage and it felt like almost everyone who attended the show was there to see Suicidal Tendencies and the crowd was shouting ST, ST, ST over and over again At 21.30 was it time for one of my personal favourite acts to go on stage.

Suicidal Tendencies

The members all entered the stage while the intro was running but there was one member missing that didn’t show up until it was time to kick off the first song. Cyco Mike entered the stage to “You Can’t Bring Me Down” and the audience went crazy. The band members are:

Eric Moore – drums

Steve Brunner – bass

Dean Pleasants – guitar

Mike Clark – guitar

Mike Muir – lead vocals

It was full speed ahead from the moment the band entered the stage and the next song up was the intense “Ain’t Gonna Take It”. Muir ran around on stage from side to side but he kept himself far back on the stage so it was quite hard to get pictures of him. I think that Suicidal Tendencies together with Hatebreed and Megadeth brought down the largest amounts of applause and cheers during the entire festival. When Muir introduced “War Inside My Head” the crowd exploded and didn’t know where to turn. Luckily the sound engineers managed to get a better sound on the Helviti stage this second day and the sound was brilliant. Muir said it was time to travel back in time and back to their debut album where the song “Subliminal” was taken. There was a lot of space to move around on up on stage because the only thing the band had brought with them was a huge back drop.

Suicidal Tendencies_live_2.jpg

“I Feel Your Pain” and “Send Me Your Money” followed before Muir said it was time to unite in the song “We Are Family”. Muir wanted the crowd to say hello to the drummer Eric Moore and listen to his drum solo. “Come Alive” was is taken from the bands forthcoming album and the entire crowd jumped along with Muir in the song. It looked quite mighty. Suicidal Tendencies has got a huge fanbase in Denmark and it was nice to see that the band gotten such a warm welcome. Muir introduced the song “Possessed To Skate” with a long speech about how great it is to skateboard and snowboarding. The show continued with “Join The Army” and “Cyco Vision”. Muir also talked about disco balls and mothers which was a speech that didn’t really have a meaning but he dedicated the song “I Saw Your Mommy” to all the mothers. Muir thanked all the fans for being there and that it was time to end the show but first it was time to play “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow”. After that Muir shouted ST to the crowd and everyone responded by shouting ST back to him and Muir kicked off “Pledge Your Allegiance” and it was only to surrender and kneel before the almighty Suicidal Tendencies and their music.

Suicidal Tendencies_live_3.jpg

Suicidal Tendencies_live_1.jpg

The band won me over already from the early show and it was fun to see that the guys still were hungry and eager to play even though they have been on stage for several years and decades now. During the last song Muir went to the front of the stage and pointed at a guy in front of stage. The fan got up on stage with Muir that wanted even more people to come up on stage and join him and the band. Finally the stage was jammed with people and the security had to stop more people from coming up. Everyone on stage jumped up and down and shouted ST, ST. Needles to say was this an amazing show and the 90 minutes just flew by. It was an amazing band that delivered an amazing set list to say the least. Despite the rain and the cold Suicidal Tendencies raised the temperature to tropical heat with their intense show. The band did reunite a few years ago and this is the first time I’ve seen the band play for a long time now. However I did see them many times earlier in their career when they first started out and play. ST for life!.

Suicidal Tendencies_live_5.jpg

Suicidal Tendencies_live_4.jpg


You Can’t Bring Me Down

Ain’t Gonna Take It

War Inside My Head


I Feel Your Pain

Send Me Your Money

We Are Family

Drum Solo

Come Alive

Possessed To Skate

Cyco Vision

I Saw Your Mommy

I Want More

How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

Pledge Your Allegiance

Straight after the Suicidal Tendencies show was it time for me to get my ass over to the other stage to see the Polish death metal mayhem of Behemoth.



For some reason was it a much smaller crowd that waited for Behemoth than I had expected and when I arrived I saw that the bands backdrop and equipment was already placed on stage. There were three mic stands and all of them had different patterns of iron on them and the most spectacular mic stand did of course belong to the undisrupted brain and mind of Behemoth – Nergal. Behemoth was the last band on this stage and they went on at 23.00 sharp. While the intro was played the members entered the stage and stood in position and waited for the intro to fade out. First song of the evening was “Ov Fire And The Void”.

Band members are:

Adam “Nergal” Darski – lead vocals, guitar

Tomasz “Orion” Wroblewski – bass

Zbigniew Robert “Inferno” Prominski – drums

Patryk “Seth” Sztybor – guitar

The band’s very evil and furious death metal music fitted the surroundings perfect now that the darkness had the festival area in its grip. The lighting on stage was magnificent with a lots of red light to create a devilish approach. Nergal thanked the audience for giving such a warm welcome and continued the show with “Demigod” and “Shemhamforash”. All of the three guys at the front of the stage used their space to the maximum and there was a lot of headbanging going on. A small circle pit was formed and it seemed like the crowd loved each and every minute that Behemoth was on stage. Nergal introduced the songs that followed which were “Conquer All”, “L.A.M” and “As Above So Low”. After those songs thought Nergal it was a good idea to go back to the DEMIGOD album and perform the song “Slaves Shall Serve”.



The crowd seemed to love the new material as much as the older songs and kept on headbanging through songs like “At The Left Hand Of God” and the new song “Alas, Lord Is Upon Me” taken from the new album SATANICA. Behemoth had the crowd in total obedience and the fans followed the band members directions on stage. “Decade Of Therion” followed and the last song on the ordinary set for the night was “Chant For Eschaton 2000” that ended the 50 minute show. The dedicated audience wanted to hear more from their favourite Polish death metal battalion and shouted for more. Nergal thanked the fans and thanked everyone for being there and said that it was great fun to play at Copenhell festival. The one and only encore was taken from SATANICA and it was “Lucifer”.





The show was  about 60 minutes and the biggest question mark was why Behemoth didn’t play at the larger stage? Even though I’m not a huge Behemoth fan did I enjoy the show and I have to admit that I have to take a closer look at the bands discography after having witnessed this show. The members were really tight and the show included high voltage energy and tempo.

When the audience slowly left the Hades stage to go and see The Dillinger Escape Plan on the Helviti stage it was time for me to try to catch a bus to the train central and head on home to dear old Sweden. I chose to not see The Dillinger Escape Plan because I have never heard them and honestly I do not know much about them or their music . Two days of standing on asphalt took its toll on my legs as well so I left the festival area before they kicked off.


Ov Fire And The Void



Conquer All


As Above So Below

Slaves Shall Serve

At The Left Hand Ov God

Alas, Lord Is Upon Me

Decade Of Therion

Chant For Eschalon 2000



Luckily it didn’t take as long as the day before to get on the bus. If I look back on the festival I think it was a pretty great two-day arrangement with some great bands and artists. The mix of death, black, heavy and mallcore was great and there was a band for every kind of music taste. It was nice to see such a mixture of people at the festival. It was not only beer drinking teenage boys with jeans vests or middle age men that also drank beer. It was quite a lot of females there and it’s always fun to see a different crowd that the usual hardrock and heavy metal Mafia at shows and festivals. The festival had brought out a mix of old icons and new fresh and interesting acts. It was also nice that the area was located pretty near to the centre of Copenhagen so you could choose if you wanted to go home and sleep or to sleep at the camping.



The only minor negative thing was the sound and lighting problem on the smaller Hades stage. Another bad thing was the lack of information that the crew had. If you asked them about anything they either couldn’t answer or they directed me to another crew member that also couldn’t answer my questions. More meet and greets as well as food tents had been nicer and there was also supposed to be a press area but no one seemed to know where it was located. When it comes to the bus issue I and many with me had wished for a time table to say when the buses was gonna go back to Copenhagen central again. A lot of people did walk back to the city or took a cab. So next time fix that with the buses because it was a  very irritating moment to say the least.


There are a few things to improve but over all was it a great festival with great acts and I really hope that Copenhell Festival is gonna be an annual event in the future.

It was hard to appreciate how many people that attended the festival but I read on their website that  there were about 4000 people per day. So I hope to see you again next year Copenhell but then we pray for some better weather.

Thanks to Mette Borgstrom at Live Nation Denmark for press/photo press to the festival

Also a big thank you to the organizers of the festival Live Nation Denmark, you did a great job.

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