Addicted To Pain – Addicted To Pain

Reviewed: August 2010
Released: 2010, Megaforce Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Addicted To Pain is a new three-piece metalcore band featuring former Biohazard guitarist Leo Curley on guitar and vocals. This Megaforce Records released four song self-titled EP is the band\’s debut offering and was produced by Alex Perialas (Anthrax, SOD, Testament, Pro-Pain).

A recent press release portrays Addicted To Pain as incorporating \”eighties era first wave thrash\” with \”nineties era power metal\”. I\’m going to have to strongly disagree with that assessment and suggest that if you are into early nineties East Coast metalcore/hardcore, this would be a better description of Addicted To Pain\’s sound. \”Hear N Now\” opens the EP with sludgy descending riffs, throaty vocals and a bottom heavy delivery from Addicted To Pain\’s rhythm section. The breakdowns on \”Hear N Now\” have a radio friendly sound not unlike modern rock, distancing himself slightly from his work in Biohazard. On \”Trust Me\” drummer Gregory Nash shines brightest by taking the simplest of rhythms and playing outside the box with his intricate cymbal work and shifts in halftime tempos. \”Abigail\” initially picks up the pace as the album\’s fastest number before transitioning into a doomy half-time chorus with an introspective lyrical approach. \”Going Going Gone\” closes out the EP with it\’s groove oriented hooks and syncopated fill ins.

Admittedly, metalcore has never been my thing, but I think I have reviewed enough of it to say that this EP by Addicted To Pain is very niche based. The four songs on display here should only appeal to a specific breed of metalcore fans, namely the ones who remember the often sludgy and corrosive early nineties releases from New York giants like Biohazard, Pro-Pain and Type O Negative. There is a lack of extreme metal influence with Addicted To Pain. There are no blasting double kick drums or arpeggiated solo flourishes or Gothenburg rip offs to be found here and while that does serve to entrench Addicted To Pain firmly in the old school camp, at the same time it distances itself greatly from the new school of bands like As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Light This City etc. Having said that I think Addicted To Pain are very adept at the style of core they play, but they should recognize that the playing field has changed a bit and I would encourage them to build there chops and add some variety into their sound in an effort to give these younger bands a run for their money.


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Track Listing:
1. Hear N Now
2. Trust Me
3. Abigail
4. Going Going Gone

Leo Curly – Guitar, Vocals
Bob Hovarth – Bass
Gregory Nash – Drums