Ghost Machinery ”Out for Blood” release date, artwork & track list!

Ghost Machinery  ”Out for Blood”
Ghost Machinery ”Out for Blood”

Out for Blood the new album from the Finnish Ghost Machinery will be released in 27th of August, in Europe as well as digital worldwide release. North American release date is set to be in 5th of October.
Cover artwork is designed by Rainer Kalwitz who’s previous works includes artists such as Metal Church, Shadow Gallery, Praying Mantis, Dare etc.Artwork can be seen to the right and on the bands official website
Final track list is as follows:

  1. Face of Evil
  2. Out for Blood
  3. Guilty ( guest solo from Olaf Lenk of At Vance )
  4. Blood from Stone
  5. Name Remains in History
  6. Fortune Teller
  7. Lost in Time
  8. Sentenced to Life (in paradise)
  9. Mask of Madness
  10. Eternal Damnation
  11. Send me an Angel ( Blackfoot cover )

Blood from Stone single will hit the Finnish radios within a week  and also the preparations for a little tour to promote the album is in progress!



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