FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Reveal Tracklisting For The Cold


Legendary Arizona thrashers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM recently confirmed a September 14th release date for their new album, The Cold, via Driven Music Group.

The Cold will include the following tracklisting:



‘The Cold’

‘Black Cloud’

‘Blackened Eyes Staring’

‘Better Off Dead’

‘Falling Short’



‘Secret Life’

The Cold features original guitarist Michael Gilbert, who rejoined the band this past March.

About the return of Gilbert and the departure of long-time guitarist Ed Carlson in March, drummer Craig Nielsen explained to BraveWords.com that “it was a surprise to everybody, because Ed really has done some great things for his life as he’s been sober for years now. He really feels the benefit from that development. Last couple tours we went on in Europe, everybody thought the band played better than ever. I know people say that a lot, but we really are playing better than ever if that’s possible, and Ed was part of that. But he felt that, for whatever reason, his heart was drifting a little bit from the process from the actual touring. I mean, he loves to play and he feels everybody’s his, you know, blood brother, but he just wasn’t getting the same thrill out of touring or recording or writing. I don’t know if that’s connected with what process – the sobriety, in general from having been a musician for his whole life, I mean who knows what the basis of why he feels that way, but all I know is he just didn’t want to tour anymore and his writing sort of fell by the wayside lately in terms of content. So, he just felt he wasn’t contributing much and he didn’t really want to do this coming tour, so we were all kind of surprised by it ‘cause we felt we were just as strong, strong as can be. But he has to do what he has to do, so Mike Gilbert immediately stepped in and said, ‘hey, you know, I’m more fired up than ever,’ and we’ve done a couple things with Gilbert throughout the years, when either Mark Simpson or Ed Carlson couldn’t make it, so we knew his heart was still in it. And he’s been playing constantly all these years, with one band or another, so his chops are fully together, and he’s just a very reliable guy, so we felt very comfortable asking him to come back and do the tour and be a permanent part of the band again.”

Nielsen commented recently about the direction of The Cold: “The writing for the record started 2007, which we started recording in 2008, or 2009. I mean, basically let’s just call it 2008-2009 ideas. You know, Mark (Simpson; guitar) had some time for this, and he spent some time writing, whereas Dreams Of Death was sort of rushed and we probably didn’t use the right producer for a metal record on that record. This is going to sound like a metal record. It has a lot of guitar edge and drums are, you know, faster, better, stronger. You know, Jason Ward could basically play bass over almost anything and it’ll have depth. So, you know, we’re very happy with the technical aspect of the song-writing. There’s far more faster, heavier songs on this one. A.K. (Knutson; vocals), he was changing the lyrics up until the minute when he was recording them. I think Dreams Of Death kind of went off in a few different directions. I think this is more cohesive and I won’t call it a concept record. There’s one thing to be said for spontaneity and that’s great to write a few inspired riffs, but to write a whole record and arrange it, you need some time. And Mark had the time and he’s developing more as a songwriter/arranger as time goes on, and he’s getting better at it, and he knows what to get out of the studio better and he knows how to, what, for tones and process, he’s more educated. So we’re way happier with this one than the last couple.”



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