The Return of Beavis & Butthead?!

Beavis & Butthead
Beavis & Butthead

The animated comedy duo that made metalheads look like complete morons could be set for a return!

According to Reviewniverse, we might get our chance to see the duo on TV once again. A full statement reads: “REVIEWniverse has exclusively learned from an anonymous source that Mike Judge is currently outlining 30 new episodes of his iconic animated comedy Beavis and Butt-Head for its native network.

“The source conceded that plans for actual broadcast are not yet cemented, or even a given, but confirmed that the King of the Hill/Office Space/Idiocracy maestro is definitely in the midst of writing new B and B material with the hopes of a full-throttle return…Judge plans on retaining the show’s original ghetto-tech aesthetic, right down to the faded color palatte.”



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