SIC: 6th “Studio Diary” Video Posted Online Featuring Commentary by Producer Jakob Hansen

Check out the 6th and final video of Faroese hardcore/thrash metal band SIC‘s “Studio Diary”!

The studio diary was filmed entirely at Hansen Studios in Denmark where SIC recently recorded its sophomore album, “Fighters They Bleed”, together with producer Jakob Hansen (VOLBEATMERCENARYNIGHTRAGEHATESPHEREPYRAMAZE). This segment of the studio diary features commentary by Hansen himself.
“Fighters They Bleed” was mixed & mastered by producer Tue Madsen (DARK TRANQUILLITYTHE HAUNTEDMOONSPELLMNEMICCATARACT)  and will be released later this year after a record deal has been sought. The album will be the first with Dennis Buhl (ex-HATESPHERE) behind the drums. Earlier this year Buhl replaced Magnus Hansen who parted ways with the band for personal reasons.

SIC‘s debut album, “Pandemonium”, was released in 2007 via Tutl Records and was recorded at Jailhouse Studios with producer Tommy Hansen.
SIC is:

Mik – Vocals
Eddie – Guitar
Frans – Guitar
Gudmar – Bass
Dennis – Drums

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