Whitechapel – A New Era Of Corruption

Reviewed: July 2010
Released: 2010, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Demonator

Making inroads in the music business these days is no easy feat, especially when you\’re knee-deep in a genre that\’s more densely populated than Ethiopia. But fair dues to Knoxville\’s Whitechapel; they’ve given this deathcore malarkey a far better go than most, and while 2008’s sophomore outing, THIS IS EXACTLY, wasn\’t quite a classic it garnered enough positive vibes from the pundits to guarantee at least a fair degree of anticipation for a sequel.

Sure enough, A NEW ERA OF CORRUPTION, is a manifold improvement over its predecessor, not least of all for the fact that to a song each of the album\’s eleven cuts is catchier than a case of crabs. While still prone to meeting out a cascade of chugging Meshuggah-style beatdowns, the ornery sextet also draw from a decidedly broader creative palette, injecting swathes of distinctly un-Swedish melody into proceedings. Nowhere is this approach used to more devastating effect than on the claustrophobic onslaught of \”End of Flesh\” where a haunting guitar lead tussles for a place of prominence with a rhythm section that’s definitely not shy about its single-minded intent to cause harm.

Whitechapel\’s latest joint hints at being custom-made to incite mosh-pits of daunting intensity. The album offers no quarter, and requires none in return – truly A NEW ERA OF CORRUPTION is a story of promise and potential made reality. Long may their ascent continue.


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Track Listing:
1. \”Devolver\”
2. \”Breeding Violence\”
3. \”The Darkest Day of Man\”
4. \”Reprogrammed to Hate\” (featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones)
5. \”End of Flesh\”
6. \”Unnerving\”
7. \”A Future Corrupt\”
8. \”Prayer of Mockery\”
9. \”Murder Sermon\” (featuring Vincent Benett of The Acacia Strain)
10. \”Necromechanical\”
11. \”Single File to Dehumanization\”

• Phil Bozeman “” vocals
• Ben Savage “” lead guitar
• Alex Wade “” guitar
• Zach Householder “” guitar
• Gabe Crisp “” bass
• Kevin Lane “” drums