Copenhagen Live Festival at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen, Denmark 2010



Skunk Anansie

The band consists of:

Skin – lead vocals

Mark – drums

Cass – bass

Ace – guitar

The members entered the stage from each side and kicked off the show with the hit “Selling Jesus” and dressed in black pants and a black top with a silver shining hood Skin entered the stage to the sound of the fans cheers and applause. When she threw of her hood which was right after the first verse did the cheers grew stronger. It felt like Skunk Anansie was really longed for amongst the Danish fans. The next song up was “Charlie Big Potato” and Skin ran around the stage like a maniac and everyone who has seen the band live knows what I’m talking about. “Because Of You” and “Twisted (everyday hurts)” continued the show and Skin thanked the audience for their warm welcome towards the band. It was Skin that did the talking and she also interacted most with the crowd. The rest of the band stood solid on their spot and didn’t move an inch. Skin’s energy was enough to enlight all of the people in front of the stage. The band felt hungry and eager to prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with despite their absence for a couple of years.






“ I Can Dream” followed and Skin dedicated the next song “Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good) to all the girls and told us that the song was about fucking. Needles to say the audience exploded when the band played one of their biggest hits in “Weak”.  All of the fans sang a long during the entire song and this was clearly the peak of the show. A new song in “ My Ugly Boy” was presented and the song sounded good but it’s hard to judge a new song on a festival scene. Shortly after followed “Tear The Place Up”, “The Shank Heads” and the last song for the day was “Little Baby Swastika”. Skin thanked everyone for turning up to the show even though it was 10 years since they last visited Denmark. The show was sure great even though some minor problems with the sound on stage.




Selling Jesus

Charlie Big Potato

Because Of You

Twisted (Everyday Hurts)

I Can Dream

Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)


On My Hotel Tv

My Ugly Boy

Tear The Place Up

The Shank Heads

Little Baby Swastika

After the Skunk Anansie show was it time to wait to see the Danish Dynamites in Volbeat. It took about 45 minutes of waiting and preparing before one of my all time favourite acts went on stage.




Volbeat had a new backdrop that hung behind the drums with the band name on it and also they had two stairs on each side of the stage that led up to the drum podium. Below the drums stood a bunch of amps and on each side of the drums were placed two mic stands . Down on stage stood three mic stands and monitors so the band had a lot of space to move around. The intro started, it was Elvis singing a Christian song, and then came all of the members out on stage. The band members were as always:

Michael Poulsen – lead vocals, guitar

Jon Larsen – drums

Thomas Bredahl – guitar, acoustic guitar

Anders Kjolholm – bass

As soon as the members showed up on stage the audience went crazy and gave their fellow country men a loving and warm welcome. Poulsen turned up in black shades, black shirt and black pants. He looked really cool when he entered stage but that man personifes the word cool. The excellent song “Radio Girl” kicked off the show and it went straight into “Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood” where he threw off his shades. Unfortunately the sound-problems remain from the Skunk Anansie show and Larsens drums were a bit too high in the mix. Poulsen had also problems with his guitar and it wasn’t maybe the best start for the show. That didn’t matter to the audience who did their best to show their appreciation and love for the band through cheers and screams. Poulsen said that it was nice to be standing on the stage but that the members aren’t no different from the fans and that the guys in the band doesn’t need any expensive champagne, they’re happy with drinking beer like the fans in the crowd and that if they’re were going to drink champagne they’re gonna buy it at Netto ( a low-budget super market in Denmark). His speech was a hint towards Slash who had put in his rider that he wanted 13000 DKR worth of champagne.




“Another Day, Another Way” followed and all of the front men moved around on stage.Poulsen used all of the three mics on stage and he walked up the stairs and stood beside Larsen and sang. When Poulsen stood up on the stairs it was Bredahl that stood at the front in the middle of the stage. “Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booze” followed after which Poulsen thanked everyone for showing up to see the show and that it was great to be back performing in Denmark again. He said that after being out on a European and US tour it was nice to be back home again and to performing for the Danish fans. Then followed “Danny And Lucy (11 pm)”, “Sad Mans Tongue” and the excellent “BOA (JDM)”.Poulsen dedicated “Sad Mans Tongue” to the late Johnny Cash who is one of Poulsen’s own personal heroes. But he also dedicated the song to the recently passed away metal god Ronnie James Dio who Poulsen so rightfully called The King Of Heavy Metal. The crowd pleaser “The Human Instrument” followed and again the crowd reached boiling point and that not only because of the burning sun. Poulsen told us that the band are working on their next album and that it’s gonna be brilliant They played a song from the new album. The song is named “Fallen” and sounded very promising.







The Misfits cover “Angelfuck” was next in line and it was followed by the brilliant song “Mary Ann’s Place” which is a duet between Poulsen and the ex- Swan singer Pernille Rosendahl who came out on stage and sang together with Poulsen. Poulsen then asked if the audience was ready to destroy Amager Strandpark which they were and kicked off the monumental classical “I Only Wanna Be With You” and needles to say the crowd went mad. Everyone sang a long to the entire song and it was so fun to see how loved Volbeat are in Denmark. And when “The Gardens Tale” followed it seemed like everyone was in total bliss, both the audience and the band. Parts of the song are sung in Danish and when the Danish parts came up did Johan Olsen from the Danish punk band Magtens Korridorer arrive on stage to sing his part. This song was absolutely one of many highlights from the show. “ A Broken Man And The Dawn” and “Hallelujah Goat” ended the show and the band again thanked everyone for being there. But the crowd shouted and demanded encores so it was only for Volbeat to return on stage to play some more.

Poulsen came out on stage and shouted Lets Get Ready TO Rumble and fired off “A Warriors Call” which was written for the Danish boxer Mikkel “Viking Warrior” Kessler.This was followed by “Always Wu”  after which Poulsen said that it had been great to be on stage in Denmark again and that the band, as always, were gonna come down to the festival area to meet and greet the fans. The mindblowing “Rebel Monster” and “Still Counting” ended yet another amazing show with the majestic minds in Volbeat. Despite a slow start and problems with the sound the band delivered a super solid show and they once again proved that they are one of the best bands Denmark has come up with for a really long time.








Radio Girl

Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood

Another Day, Another Way

Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booze

Danny And Lucy (11pm)

Sad Mans Tongue


The Human Instrument


Angelfuck (cover)

Mary Ann’s Place

I Only Wanna Be With You (cover)

The Garden’s Tale

A Broken Man And The Dawn

Hallelujah Goat


A Warrior’s Call

Always Wu

Rebel Monster

Still Counting


The last band out on this one day festival was the German industrial metal act Rammstein. I chose to not cover them because of the decision to not let smaller magazines and fanzines to take pictures. It was only the biggest Danish magazines that was aloud to photograph the show.




Over all was this a perfect festival day with lots of great acts and perfect summer weather. ICO did a great job with the arrangements and I really hope that this festival can be an annual activity in the future. 20.000 people visited the festival and enjoyed the music, the weather, the friends and of course the music. According to the Danish news paper the day after the festival did the beer ran out which wasn’t too hard to understand due to the heat.



Thanks to Christian Goldbach at the arranging ICO Concerts for help with photo/press pass to the show.

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