SCORPIONS’ Rudolf Schenker On Future – “It’s A Way Of Creating New Music, Maybe Doing An Album With My Brother”

Dean Guitars Promo of Michael and Rudolf Schenker
Dean Guitars Promo of Michael and Rudolf Schenker

SCORPIONS guitar legend Rudolf Schenker spoke with New York Magazine’s Vulture recently about a number of topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Vulture: Why are you stopping now?

Schenker: “Now we can say we’re doing a last tour and giving the people a complete picture of the Scorpions. How often did you go to a party and you had a feeling around one o’clock to leave but then you met one of your friends, who says, ‘Let’s have one drink together,’ and then it’s five o’clock, and the next morning you said, “How stupid I was to not find the right moment to leave.” I think that’s the most important point. We want to make a decision when we finish, not the people.”

Vulture: What do you plan on doing with all your time off?

Schenker: “For me, it’s a way of creating new music, maybe doing an album with my brother (MICHAEL SCHENKER). I wrote a book called Rock Your Life, which is released already in other countries, so I could promote that. There are lots of things to do.”

Vulture: You lived the dream. You were on top of the mountain. What did you see while you were up there?

Schenker: There is not much to see up there because everything down there is very small. You don’t have to stay up there. By seeing where the best place is, then you have an orientation of where you can go.”

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