Addicted to Pain
Addicted to Pain

Managing to combine the sounds of ‘80s era first-wave thrash and ‘90s era power metal, Albany, New York’s Addicted to Pain will appeal to a wide variety of heavy metal connoisseurs. Comprised of Leo Curley (vocals, guitar), Bob Horvath (bass), and Gregory Nash (drums), it all started when Bob and Leo met in a band called Eyesore (which included a pre-Shadows Fall Jason Bittner in its ranks), before finding the missing piece to the puzzle with Gregory. But come 2010, the trio has unleashed their first-ever release – a self-titled four-song EP – which is available for purchase via iTunes, as well the group’s official site and myspace page.

And to get that extra added crunch to their sound, the boys enlisted the aid of a gentleman that was there at the dawn of the thrash metal movement, Alex Perialas. “Most amazing/draining recording experience ever,” recalls Curley. “We worked with Alex Perialas (Anthrax, S.O.D., Testament, Pro-Pain, etc.). He really pulled it out of us. It was like working in a piece of metal history – living in the band house and studio where all that happened was humbling. We had a lot to live up to.”

And it turns out that the Perialas/Addicted to Pain union has certainly reaped metallic dividends, as evidenced from all four of the EP’s tracks. But the group has specific favorites in mind. Curley – “For me it’s ‘Trust Me.’ This song was a skeleton when we brought it to Alex. He really had a lot to do with the formation of this sweet little ditty. Many vocal rewrites. All the hard work gives me a real sense of pride on this one.” Nash – “‘Here and Now,’ ‘cause it’s in 7.” Horvath – “‘Trust Me’ is brutal and ‘Abigail’ for its sound and its lyrical content.”

Addicted to Pain is also gearing up to tour the US in the fall. It won’t be long until headbangers coast to coast will get to experience this fearsome threesome head-on. Or as Curley explains the group’s live show, “Blood, sweat, and tears all over the stage!”




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