With this tour Michael Schenker Group are celebrating their 30’th anniversary so it was going to be interesting. The show kicked off with the classic “Armed and Ready” followed with “Cry for the Nations” and, unlike MSG did last time in Swedenrock in 2006, Michael and his band truly rocket out. (In 2006 it was a completely different band, different singer, different set list and Michael didn’t have his best day…).”Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” and “Ready to Rock” continued that era before it was time of tonight’s only exception. “I Want You” from MSG album THE MIDST OF BEAUTY which sounded as good as anything else on tonight’s set. Maybe it becomes a future classic, who knows? Returning classic MSG era singer Gary Barden sounded exactly the same as he used to do in the 80’s, actually he now sounded way better than he did a year ago on THE MIDST OF BEAUTY –tour. He’s definitely the voice of MSG and hopefully he and Michael will carry on working together for a long time. Like mentioned before, Michael now had his good day. His playing was really solid and accurate without any problems there. He seemed to have a good time and clearly enjoyed being on stage. Besides MSG classics band also did a string of old Michael era UFO classics. You can’t go wrong with “Rock Bottom” or “Doctor Doctor”, right? Unfortunately bands show was already as early as 01:30 PM. Partly for that reason, but it was also raining, there wasn’t too huge crowd seeing this good show. This line up with Michael, Gary, drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC, Uriah Heep,Asia), bassist Chris Glenn (MSG, Alex Harvey Sensational Band) and longtime MSG member guitarist/keyboardist Wayne Findley should have deserved some better here.


Armed And Ready

Cry For The Nations

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Ready To Rock

I Want You

Into The Arena

Lost Horizons

Rock My Nights Away

On And On

Lights Out

Attack of The Mad Axeman

Rock Bottom

Doctor Doctor


DSC_0253.JPG DSC_0244.JPG

DSC_0245.JPG DSC_0262.JPG

DSC_0260.JPG ‘




Former Hanoi Rocks member and current solo artist / Electric Boys –singer and  guitarist performed in the Classic Rock –tent and did a string of songs from his past career including songs from his solo albums, Electric Boys and some wellknown rock classics as well.  This intimate, stripped down acoustic set seemed to work really well for Conny and he managed to attract such a large crowd to see his performance. All in all this was really refreshing and enjoyable show in every aspect.





The legendary Nazareth appeared on the festival stage at a rather early hour at 13:30 and played for a  little over an hour. A couple of new good additions had been made to the setlist since we last saw them, for example the excellent hard rocking ‘The Gathering’ from their latest 2009 album THE NEWZ. We we’re also treated to the rather brilliant album track ‘Miss Misery’ rather early on, this one of course of their HAIR OF THE DOG album. The endless touring of Nazareth didn’t show at all in their performance. On the contrary they seemed to be enjoying themselves, despite the way too early performance time. Last time they played Swedenrock at the smaller sweden stage in the late evening, which suited them better.



Turn On Your Receiver

Miss Misery

Dream On

Bad Bad Boy

The Gathering

My White Bicycle

Shanghai’d In Shanghai

Hair Of The Dog


Love Hurts


This Flight Tonight




British rockers Magnum appeared again at SRF, the previous time was in 2005. This time the band relied rather heavily on new material from their latest IN THE VALLEY ON THE MOONKING album, as seen in the setlist below. While the new material being overall very strong but somewhat slow at times, the place really lifted when the band launched into the beautiful ‘Les Morts Dansant’, one of the definite highlights of the set. This was really singer Bob Catley’s moment to shine. The main set was closed with “Vigilante” and after a short break the band returned for the encore and the crowd got treated to two more classics in the form of “Don’t Wake the Lion” and “Kingdom of Madness”. All in all this was a fine afternoon for Magnum. On top of it all Magnum are already writing and recording a new album for release in early 2011.


Cry To Yourself

Take Me To The Edge

Brand New Morning

The Moonking

When We Were Younger

No One Knows His Name

Dragons Are Real

We All Run

Les Morts Dansant

All My Bridges

All England’s Eyes


Don’t Wake the Lion (Too Old to Die Young)

Kingdom Of Madness

srf 1006.jpg srf 1014.jpg

srf 1016.jpg DSC_0337.JPG



Classic NWOBHM band Praying Mantis made finally its way to Swedenrock –festival. The Troy brothers, Chris and Tony, have carried on bands long legacy since the early 70’s but there’s not too much left from bands glory days which has once included such names as Dennis Stratton, Clive Burr, Paul Di’Anno and Gary Barden… just to name few here. The latest Praying Mantis release SANCTUARY is altogether high quality album but somehow band can’t reach the same level on live situation. There’s no denying that Praying Mantis do still sound good, especially with vocals and harmonies, but somehow they now do resemble more or less any other long term amateurish group who once could have made it big time but which did never happen. That time has gone by a long time ago for Praying Mantis but for sure they still managed to offer a good nostalgia trip for some old school fans.


DSC_0292.JPG DSC_0293.JPG



The glam rock parody band Steel Panther has made the audience laugh all around the planet. The reputation of the band is definitely overwhelming as a result the whole area of the third stage was quite packed when the glam rock stand up comedians got on the stage. These guys are absolutely aware of how to catch the attention of the audience. The songs are simple as hell, but catchy ones for sure. Songs like: "Asian Hooker" , "Fat Girl" and the anthemic "Death To All But Metal",all with the hilarious lyrics, proved that band’s sense of humour is amusing and truly enjoyable. Make-ups, tight spandex, naked tits and big hairs are the name of the game of Steel Panther. Though being a die hard metal fan with the death to posers attitude, however these kinds of humour bands with the good attitude are always fun to watch and have good laughs.  In a way it’s hard to admit but it’s a fact  that Steel Panther was one of the best and definitely the most entertaining permorfers of the whole festival.



DSC_0302.JPG DSC_0299.JPG

DSC_0330.JPG DSC_0328.JPG

DSC_0308.JPG DSC_0306.JPG





Philadelphia based Cinderella has been one of the most wanted bands for Swedenrock for years and now they finally made their way here. In a way this is really a strange band. Cinderella have only released four studio albums in their career, the latest STILL CLIMBING came out in 1994, but they are still such a big name in the U.S playing sold out package tours there.. Because of vocalist Tom Keifer’s vocals/throat problems it’s now been three years since they’ve done an actual tour. Fortunately things got solved early this year and since then there’s been a few gigs every but now back to the show itself. The band kicked their set off with “Second Wind” from LONG COLD WINTER. The rocking “Push Push” followed before it was time to turn it down a little bit with HEARTBREAK STATION –album ballad “Last Mile” which really sounded like Aerosmith in many ways.  There was no sight of any vocal problems which was really positive to notice. Guitarist Jeff LaBar played some great solos and the whole band was performing very strongly. But as the show continued on there was some kind of tiredness noticeable. Especially Tom looked quite bored at times. Perhaps it was because of jetlag, who knows, but it looked like he wanted to be somewhere else but on stage. Anyway, despite having only four albums under their belt the material is all really strong and it was a pleasure for the audience to finally hear live classic hard rock songs like: “Shelter Me”, Gypsy Road”, “Nobody’s Fool” and especially “Shake Me” which was their first MTV hit back in 1986. Great band, great material but this just wasn’t their best night after all?


Second Wind

Push Push

Somebody Save Me

The Last Mile

Night Songs

Bad Seamstress Blues/Falling Apart At The Seams

Heartbreak Station

Coming Home

Shelter Me

Nobody’s Fool

Gypsy Road

Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

Shake Me


DSC_0425.JPG DSC_0382.JPG


srf 044.jpg srf 050.jpg

DSC_0417.JPG DSC_0429.JPG




“War Inside my Head” was echoing in the catacombs of my mind when arriving at the fourth stage to check out Suicidal Tendencies. Mike Muir and the company arranged one hell of a gig at Tuska last year. There was no weak moment at Swedenrock at all. Muir raged like a maniac on the stage running from one side to another side of the stage. Occasionally he was about fall when stumbling in wires. The band was truly in flames on the stage. Besides Suicidal is known for being nothing, but an utter energy and wild on the stage. The set basically consisted of the old Suicidal classics like: "Possessed To Skate",  "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow… etc. Even though the band was extreme vital a

nd wild on the stage, that can’t be said about the Swedish audience again. Can’t believe at all. Obviously some kind of little pushing happened in the front row, but  that’s it.

3 / 5

 _MG_4113.JPG _MG_4117.JPG

_MG_4130.JPG _MG_4139.JPG




The Polish extreme metallers Behemoth made their second visit to Swedenrock and once again on the fourth stage. As a matter of fact the masked four piece would have deserved to have a bigger stage. Whatever as Behemoth stormed with the menace and delivered an ultimate neck breaking brutal slap to the audience. The band’s tight playing and controlled performance on the stage have created the real welloiled death metal artillery on the stage. Nergal’s dominating voice and speaks between voice when introducing songs literally nailed the audience. Behemoth is always killer, vicious and uncompromising liveact, whose lives are never disappointment at all. 

_MG_4225.JPG _MG_4223.JPG



It’s been over four years since Billy Idol last time toured over here in Europe but now he’s finally back with his renewed band. Along with his long time guitarist Steve Stevens there’s now a group of top musicians: Derek Sherinian (Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater) on keyboards, drummer Jeremy Colson (Steve Vai, MSG), second guitarist Billy Morrison (The Cult, Camp Freddy) and bassist Stephen McGrath. Billy and the boys took the Rock stage at 09:45 PM. Surprising opening track “Ready Steady Go” from Billy’s old band Generation X opened the game with a storm and it was immediately followed by old Idol classic “Dancing With Myself”. Although it started to rain really heavily in the middle of the song it didn’t seem to bother Billy at all. He was bravely singing in the rain although for sure he became wet all around. Although everyone could now see the wrinkles in Billy’s face there was still no sight of any kind of tiredness there, instead he was still on top shape both on vocal wise and physically. The new band did sound just as good and tight as expected. Special mention goes to Steve Stevens who is one of the most handsome guitarists around. The show was all in all very entertaining but perhaps set list let did leave something to be desired? Three Generation X songs, The Doors cover “L.A Woman” and Eddie Cochran classic “Twenty Flight Rock” were now played instead of classics like “Cradle of Love” or “Sweet Sixteen”. Also, there was just one track, “Scream”, included from Billy’s latest album DEVILS PLAYGROUND and that’s a pity because there is a lot of great material on that album. But anyway, you can’t always please everyone and this for sure was a great 90 minute show what Billy now offered for us.


Ready Steady Go

Dancing With Myself

Love Is Strange


White Wedding, Part 1

Cool Operator

Prodigal Blues

Bitter Pill

Twenty Flight Rock

To Be a Lover

Eyes Without A Face

Kings And Queens Of The Underground

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Kiss Me Deadly

King Rocker

Running With the Boss Sound

Rebel Yell

LA Woman

DSC_00191.jpg DSC_0006.JPG

DSC_0025.JPG DSC_0022.JPG

_MG_4148.JPG _MG_4172.JPG



Back in the heyday of the 80’s Gary Moore used to be one of the leading names on the map of the hard rock. Above all “Over The Hills And Far Away” literally hit the jackpot and was played everywhere. As a matter of fact Moore’s gig at Swedenrock was advertised as a return to the hard rock approach. The gig was started surprisingly with that 80’s hit and followed by “Thunder Rising” “Military Man”etc. Seriously what was the motivation for Moore to return to the old hard rock material as he has abandoned to venture more into the blues. This Swedenrock gig was one of his first gigs playing the older material after all these years. The gig didn’t give that good impression of his passion to return in time to the hard rock approach. Of course there were some of the famous songs included like:  “Out In The Fields”, "Empty Rooms" and "Parisienne Walkways" but lot of classic material  from albums AFTER THE WAR, DIRTY FINGERS or CORRIDORS OF POWER were still missing. Also Instead some of the tunes have now been rearranged to have more blues oriented approach instead of original hard rock vibe. Frankly it is going to be interesting if Moore continues with the hard rock approach in the future?



         Over the Hills and Far Away

         Thunder Rising

         Military Man

         Days Of Heroes

         Where are you know

         So far away

         Empty Rooms

         Old Wild One

         Blood of Emeralds

         Out in the Fields

         Still Got the Blues

         Walking by Myself

         Parisienne Walkways