STRATOVARIUS – 20 Demos Recorded For New Album

Timo Kotipelto
Timo Kotipelto

Finnish power metallers STRATOVARIUS continue work on the follow-up to 2009’s Polaris. Singer Timo Kotipelto checks in with from the studio. “Right now we are recording some new demos,” he reveals. “I think we have more than 20 songs sort of demoed out. I still have to sing the demo vocals, but all the other instruments are done, and in the next couple of weeks, I hope I’ll do that. But of course, the next week we’re going to go to China and do some gigs over there, so nothing is going to happen that week. But then the plan is to start recording the actual album later this year, and the album should come out… it’s hard to say, maybe early next year between January and May, somewhere in there. But that’s the plan. Hopefully there will be a new Stratovarius album then.”

So how would you describe the music?

“That’s a good question. Songs from Matias (Kupiainen – new guitarist) are more progressive, but then again, there is still some more traditional stuff. But the songs that will be on the final album, it’s hard to say. I think we are maybe following the path of the last album, but maybe more progressive stuff. We’ll see – I don’t know yet.”

Stratovarius’ brand new studio album will be released in early 2011 through JVC in Asia and Edel throughout the rest of the world. 2011 will see another Stratovarius world tour.

In other news, Stratovarius’ highly acclaimed Infinite album (from 2000) will be re-released on June 26th internationally after the band recently reacquired the rights to the album.



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