Cardiac Arrest
Cardiac Arrest "Haven For The Insane"

Ibex Moon Records deals out a double dose of death metal today with new releases from Cardiac Arrest and Lifeless hitting stores today. Known as the world’s premier death metal label, Ibex Moon excels in finding the best bands in extreme music today and these two are no exception.

Haven For The Insane, from Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest promises to deliver the kind of aural pummeling that only the most extreme brand of death metal can provide. Here’s what the critics have to say:

I loved every track on this album as it blends breakneck grind speed with pounding death rhythms that anyone from the late 80s and early 90s will remember so well. Anyone with an interest in Autopsy, early Death, Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, insert your favourite 90s death metal band here ………………………, will absolutely worship this. – Metal Team UK

Monstrous old school death with murder one barrel bottom vocals, cement mixer rhythms and of course, buzzsaw riffs – Battlehelm


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Lifeless "Beyond the Threshold of Death"
Lifeless "Beyond the Threshold of Death"

Proudly flying the flag of traditional death metal, LIFELESS has emptied its arsenal on an album that reminds of both the early Stockholm and Tampa death metal scenes. Though the song-first approach ensures an impacting listening experience, it is the riff firefights, guitar solo bombing runs, the crunching marches into battle, the speedy gallops across scorched earth, and the overwhelming force of this war machine that will leave one shell shocked and horrorstruck.  War may be hell, but LIFELESS is certain death. Put on a helmet and flak jacket, push play, and take the full force of the shrapnel blast that is Beyond the Threshold of Death

Beyond the Threshold of Death is dangerous to necks
LIFELESS are one of those bands who reminds you what real death metal is supposed to sound
Beyond The Threshold Of Death is a thick hunk of bloody raw meat.

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