On the road with Sonata Arctica – April 6: Quebec City


April 6th 2010 4:15pm – Quebec City

Just came back from dinner with my bandmates.  In a few minutes we’re doing the sound check.  Let’s see… what has been goin’ on since last time…?  Hmm…

The show in Philly was pretty much a typical tour start, no major fuck-ups but a little rough around the edges.  During the day we did some walking around and almost got lost in a mall close by. Nevertheless, we found our way back in time for the show.  Later, we had a few beers to kick off the tour, nothing major though… I think most of us where still quite jet-lagged, so as soon as the bus left, it was nighty-night.

Worcester the day after was a lot better… or at least it was easier to stay awake. In Philly, we already played “Dead Skin” live for the first time and in Worchester we also included “Deathaura” in the set. We still have something up the sleeve which we’ll pull out within a couple of shows. The set list is still shifting a bit as we’re continuing to find the balance between old and new stuff, etc.

From Worcester we left quite late for our off-day in NYC or actually the bus was in New Jersey but really close to Manhattan so… first off, a selected few stayed up during the travel.  Slept a couple of hours and woke up still kinda smashed.  After a quick breakfast with Marko and Tommy, I decided to go into the city and catch up with Elias who was already rumbling with his friends from Finland.  Tommy joined me and we spent the whole day walking around and having some beers. 🙂

Show day NYC was a very long day once again.  We couldn’t leave the bus in front of the venue, so we hung out backstage the whole day. Tried to take a nap but it didn’t quite work out so after the show I was quite dead.  Luckily, we had an early  bus-pickup so I got to bed straight away.

Today we arrived quite late.  So far, we only got to eat and just finished sound check. Next up is a little bit of boxing with Marko, showers, and maybe there’s even time for a short nap before the show.  Hell yeah we’re getting old.





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