Finnish Metal Expo 2010

Helsinki Metal Meeting 2010


The massive and merciless storm was reaching the coast of Helsinki. That prevented the people from entering the Cable Factory on the second day.

The Finnish perverse industrial combo Turmion Kätilöt had gained quite a wild reputation on the tabloid. Of course that made the audience interested and follow these twisted minds on the stage. Turmion Kätilöt have made to the Finnish tabloid due to wild stage performances in the past. This time the guys with the twisted minds focused on the musical perversion terrorizing the audience with the metal meets industrial beats. The water spilled all around and the kids were thrilled.   

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Still looking for a brutal metal, but without any keyboards? Survivors Zero is definitely an answer to that never ending search. The band’s brutal, nearly death metallic maelstrom is nothing, but ear-blowingly pleasant to listen to. The line-up could be described as one kind of gathering of ex members of ex bands from Finntroll, Deathchain, Scourger. The five piece offered a lesson of brutal technical death/thrashing metal to the audience, which should have caused a more havoc pit on the floor. Finally the cover tune of Kreator’s “People of the lie" woke the audience up from their sleep to run onto floor. Bands like Survivors Zero are a welcomed face in the poppish female metal world. Metal needs brutal groove bands indeed.  

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Well the whole event wasn’t just concerts, bands after bands, instead there were a couple of interesting guitar clinics and interview sessions with members of Amorphis and Children Of Bodom. Above all, the interview session with the core members of Amorphis turned to be extremely interesting, where the guys were telling about the recording process of the albums and their gear.

In general, the Helsinki metal meeting was definitely better than the last year’s effort, when the event suffered from a lack of audience. However bands such as Hypocrisy and Satyricon pulled more people to the whole event. With something good comes something bad, as it is obvious the current economic depression has set the limits to some certain organizations to take a part in the event. It could be noticed when there were some empty places here and there.



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