Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through – Old Icehall, Helsinki, Finland


Machine Head with Hatebreed and Bleeding Through

February 1, 2010

Old Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland

Review and Live pics by Arto Lehtinen

Machine Head has constantly visited us here in Finland since the legendary BURN MY EYES saw the light of day 1994. Due to constant gigging a fanatical, strong, and growing fanbase has increased the success of Machine Head in Finland. Even though Machine Head have visited Finland a couple of times supporting the highly awarded 2007 album THE BLACKENING, it was about time for them to have a  headline tour of their own with more playing time. Machine Head did visit Finland as a part of the Sonisphere touring package, but the playing time was short because of the guitarist’s collapse on stage.

The Black Procession tour was kicked off in Strasbourgh, France and kept raging throughout Europe and of course arrived in Finland. Approximately 1500-2000 fanatical fans defied the heavy snowstorm and crawled to the old Icehall to see Machine Head and others. Even though the hall was half empty it  didn’t prevent the kids from arranging raging circle pits on the floor.



Bleeding Through kicked the night off with an intense drive. The band’s forthcoming self titled album isn’t out yet, but the tour with Machine Head and HateBreed turned out to be a good way of doing a promotion for the next sixth output. Bleeding Through represents the more US metalcore genre where we are used to getting to know more and more bands. The band’s intensity and of course the singer’s non-stop hyperactive running encouraged the kids to go insane on the floor.

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Hatebreed is known for their aggressive explosive gigs causing an chaotic maelstrom in the pits. The band appeared to be in flames and especially frontman Jamey Jasta is like a neverending Duracell bunny running and jumping all over the stage. The frontman whipped the kids to go utterly beserk in the pit.

Even though Hatebreed presents the hard core roots in the stuff, however obvious influences from thrash and death metal can be pointed out. Hatebreed is a tight live band for sure. The godforsaken cold and barren Ice Hall didn’t give a rightful chance to create the brilliant atmosphere for Hatebreed’s riff assault. Therefore, it would be wishful thinking for Hatebreed to be seen in the club enviroment causing the havoc and chaos.

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Machine Head came and conquered…again! When the four piece from Oakland took to the stage there was no reason to be disappointed about their set. Everyone is aware of what to expect from them and the audience. The legendary Omen-The Movie opening intro roared out of the speakers. The tension could be sensed when riffs started out conquering the half empty ice hall.  

The axemen, Demmel and Flynn, have created the valuable working guitarist duet. The guitarist team is an essential part of the Machine Head sound of nowadays. Demmel was definitely one hell of an important stage person raging and living up to the music with the passion, where Flynn needs to focus on taking care of the vocal duties and communicating with the audience. This time Flynn didn’t throw that much shots to the audience as he used to do in the past. McClain was beating the shit of his drums. The four piece was literally bulldozering on the stage!

As for the setlist, the 90 minute set consisted equally of the new and old stuff picked up from several albums. Even songs from the albums such as BURNING RED had been chose to the list. Of course the most classics such as “Ten Ton Hammer”, “Old”, and newer ones such as “Aesthetics of Hate” were mandatory choices.

Machine Head always offers a real asskicking gig experience for everyone. I for one don’t even remember when I would have seen such a furious gig from these four metallers.

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