Paul Di’Anno


Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Filmed by Carlos Llanas / Edited by Sandra Torres


After seventeen long years; "The Beast" finally has returned to the United States to perform live in concert once more. After last year’s headlining tour was cancelled before it even began; anticipation and confirmation of the first scheduled gig for this current "30th Anniversary Tour" held many longtime Paul Di’Anno fans in a state of suspense. Upon word that the legendary vocalist of the first two Iron Maiden albums had in fact made it onto American soil; due in no small part to Dallas based music-immigration attorney Matt Gallagher, it looked as though this time it was finally going to happen, and I’m really happy to report that it did.

Backing up Paul on this current tour is the American traditional heavy metal band Icarus Witch; who are also doing double duty, playing a short set of original material before joining Paul on-stage for a best-of setlist comprised of the first two Iron Maiden albums and various high spots from Paul’s illustrious back catalog.

Speaking to; Paul took the time to chat about future touring plans, a follow up record to "The Living Dead" what it was like to work with the German thrash metal band Destruction on the track "Alliance of Hellhoundz" and his memories of the early days…

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In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Iron Maiden’s self-titled debut; Paul was presented with a totally awesome cake on behalf of

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